Things You Buy In Your 20s That You Cringe At In Your 30s

August 10, 2015  |  
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If you’re in your 20s, looking around your apartment and feeling like you live like a hoarder, you can relax: you’ll be itching to get rid of most of that stuff in less than 10 years. Trust us. Here are things you buy in your 20s that you cringe at in your 30s.






Costume jewelry

Remember how pretty plastic crystal necklaces and faux “pearls” looked in your 20s? You would actually wear these to special events like weddings. Now that feels rude.




$5 sunglasses

Cute? $5? Done deal! At least when you’re in your 20s. As you get older, you invest in a high-end pair, along with a sturdy case for them. Oh, and if they don’t have actual UV ray protection, forget it.





Plastic cups

Cute little pink and purple ones that you’d put out when you were having a “grownup” dinner party. Remember those? Now glasses are made from glass.







Glass champagne glasses

Remember when you didn’t realize that champagne glasses were actually made from crystal? And you’d toast with these dinky little things you found at Ikea?





Wine for the price

In your 20s, you don’t know the difference between merlot and cabernet or a good wine region from a backyard. If it was under $10, you were in. Now you do grownup stuff like ask the store attendant questions about the wine.





Hey, they are something you technically buy. You just can’t drop them off at Goodwill when you’re done with them.







Fake cork shoes

You know, the wedges that were actually just made from foam and had “cork” painted on. Then it would start to chip off and reveal white underneath.







Bras with no support

You probably can’t believe now you ever bought those cute little cloth bras, just so you could let them peek through your tank tops. If there is no underwire now, then there is no deal.





Panties in packs

Little polyester pairs, clipped together on the same hanger at resale stores like Ross. Remember those? They had plastic tags you ripped out that made little holes.







Glow in the dark condoms

Remember when you didn’t mind your partner’s member looking like a glow stick?







Fake fur

It’s not that you’d buy real fur now—you love animals!—you just can’t believe you ever wore anything that resembled fur.











You can tell the difference between leather and pleather now — immediately — and it makes you a little nauseous.







Neon clothing

The further you get away from sorority life, the less appropriate neon, high lighter tank tops are.









Fishnet stockings

Fun Halloween attire or possible stripper costume? The line gets thinner as you age.







Metallic pants/shorts

Unless you work at a bowling alley serving onion rings on roller blades…no.

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