Women Still Standing By Their Scandalous Men

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You’re supposed to stand by your man in sickness and in health, but what about through cheating, wife-beating and fraud? These celebrity women have taken the notion, stand by your man, to a new level by weathering some of the worst celebrity scandals. Would you stay? Or is it time for these ladies to woman-up and leave?

Vanessa Bryant

Did you know that Vanessa and Kobe Bryant never signed a prenup? But despite the possibility of walking away with a $100 million pay-day, Vanessa Bryant stayed with her husband despite multiple affairs, lots of gossip and even an infamous rape trial (and Vanessa’s miscarriage because of the stress).

Why? One insider says it’s because of their long history:

“You have to remember Kobe met Vanessa when she was like 16 or something. They’ve been together ever since. They have a lot of history together, both good and bad. I’m surprised she stayed when she could have walked away with more than $100 million. She must love him.”

Janay Rice

So, Janay Rice just told ESPN that she gets “pissed” when people call her husband a wife beater. While some would argue that that’s a perfectly acceptable name for a man caught on camera punching his wife, Janay says “I get angry about it because it’s the furthest things from the truth. It has never happened before, and that’s not him. He’s been made out to be this monster, and he’s not a wife beater. He’s someone who made a mistake. He’s human.”

Does Janay have a point? Or is she in need of a wakeup call?

Phaedra Parks

Maybe I underestimated the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, but I thought she’d be long gone by now. But nearly a year after Apollo went to jail for fraud, Phaedra seems to still be standing by her man.

Yandy Smith

Mendeecees is facing years of prison time for trafficking drugs all up in through New York but that didn’t stop Yandy from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to bail her boo out of jail — oh and marrying him too.

Kendra Wilkinson

When Hank Bassett cheated on Kendra Wilkinson multiple times with a transsexual, we all thought we could stick a fork in their marriage. But not only did Kendra forgive Hank, they started a new reality show together called Watch It With Kendra And Hank.

Khloe Kardashian

Even when it seemed like every celebrity headline was either about Lamar Odom’s drug abuse or the next woman he cheated with, Khloe remained unflinchingly faithful to her man. But when Lamar got high and filmed himself confessing to cheating, she finally publicly broke it off. But since Lamar still wears his wedding ring and Khloe says she’s still in love, these two might not have closed the chapter on their romance just yet.

Hilary Clinton

There were few cheating scandals in history as famous as President Bill Clinton’s affair with his 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky. But Hilary said that they key to standing by her man was forgiveness and faith in marriage:

“It was a very long process for me. I can only speak to my perspective, having gone through it, which is that a wrenching personal problem like that can really derail your life. It can make a person bitter, angry and fearful.

“You can either go down that road or you can ask yourself, what is it that I want to achieve, and be, at the end of this process? Do I want to stay married? That is why we went into counselling and why we worked at it. I take marriage very seriously, as does my husband. I highly recommend forgiveness.”

Tasha Marbury

The Basketball Wives star not only stood by her man Stephon Marbury, she helped him pay his mistress (their personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell) hush money to keep the scandal quiet. And when Thurayyah blew the whistle anyway, this teflon couple still stood strong.

Sharon Osbourne

Everything wasn’t always adorable at the Osbourne household. Long before the reality show aired, Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for attempted murder after he strangled Sharon Osbourne during a 1989 festival in Moscow. But after Ozzy spent just three months in rehab, Sharon dropped the charges and took him back.

Mel B

Mel B describes Stephen Belafonte as “the first man” she’s ever trusted. But Stephen has been arrested twice for domestic violence, and once for beating a duck to death with a brick. If you love a man, should you commit to him no matter what he did in his past?

Maria Shriver

In 2009, over 15 women came forward to accuse Arnold Schwarzenegger of sexually harrassing them during his long movie career. But Maria decided to forgive Arnold for them all — until their nanny revealed that she and Arnold had had a secret affair and a secret love child. Shortly afterward, Maria filed for divorce.

Tana Ramsay

Not every wife can stay by her husband after he admits to having a seven-year relationship with a “professional mistress” Sarah Symonds. Especially when Symonds adds insult to injury by using the scandal to launch a show called Wife School which teaches wives how to behave like mistresses to keep their husbands…

Camille Cosby

A lot of women have trouble understanding how Camille Cosby could write this statement defending Bill Cosby after years of rape allegations against her husband.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle says that she and Dwyane Wade were technically on a break, but not every woman would have stayed the course after a break up and a break baby. But Gabby and Dwyane seem to be chasing their happily ever after despite their relationship hiccups.

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