About The Time A Klansman Was Caught Wearing FUBU

August 5, 2015  |  

White people are really in their feelings these days. If you ask me, it began with the election of President Barack Obama; but for the past two years, it just seems that some White folks, and the institutions they control, have been out to get us, terrified that we’re not only taking over but destroying the country.

Southerners got really incensed when the Confederate flag came down from the State Capitol buildings in Alabama and later in South Carolina and they’ve been protesting for its return ever since.

It was at one such rally that an old, gray-haired Southerner was spotted marching for its resurrection. But there was something different about this dude. He was wearing a pair of FUBU sneakers.

Yes, you read that correctly. FUBU. For Us, By Us. And just in case there’s any confusion, that “us” is Black folk.

The reporter covering the Confederate Flag rally just so happened to be Black. And after a brief exchange with the man and his wife, where the protestor told the reporter that he didn’t like what his people were doing to the country, the reporter felt the need to tell the man about his attire. He informed him that not only was he wearing a brand of shoe designed by a Black company, but the shoe, as the name FUBU suggests, was designed specifically for Black people.

God is a comedian, y’all.

The man tried to argue that he didn’t care who made the shoes, but I’ll bet you five dollars, he won’t wear them ever again. Matter of fact, he might have thrown them in the fire of the cross he burned on his own backyard that night.

Who really knows what Klansmen do these days.

Anyway, this little video is not only hilarious but also so indicative of race relations in this country as a whole.

There are White people who pretend or maybe even think they like Black people. But what they really love, adore and even try to emulate is our culture and style.

Then there are the White folks that openly hate us, fear us and believe the country would be better without us.

But honey, the way America is set up and the ways in which Black folks tend to thrive, despite great oppression, the White folks that hate us and the White folks that only love our culture, will all benefit greatly, immensely, immeasurably from our presence and our contributions, whether they know it or not.

That’s how American Blackness is. That’s how pervasive Blackness is. What this particular White supremacist failed to realize is that no matter how you try, you can’t escape our greatness.

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