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I can never pretend to be a person who has all the answers, but I will admit that my experiences with sometimes failing to stay focused is something that others can relate to.  Whether it’s procrastination, not feeling strong enough, or confident enough in my own abilities, there were times that I struggled with being proactive in my career.

However, a vital change has happened, and instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen, I’ve been more focused and steady on creating the narrative that I want my life to go down.  I realized that my perspective on success and life has matured, and through those, I’ve been able to stay proactive.

As you go through your life/career/struggles, I hope that these things can help you to maintain your stride and continue to pursue whatever goal you’re attempting.


Have a clear vision

One of the things that seemed to always stop me is that my vision for the future would sometimes be muddy.  I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I didn’t know how to do so.  All I really had was a semblance of me in the future, happy, which wasn’t enough motivation to keep me proactive.

Once I was able to really nail down the things that I wanted for my life, that’s when it was easier to work toward them.

But embrace setbacks

There’s  a popular IG meme that shows the way how we perceive success (with a straight upward line), and how it truly is (a squiggly line that results in an upward angle).  Oh, how true this is.

Sometimes things aren’t going to go the way that we want them to, and when that happens, it can cause us to shut down.

Instead, embrace that perceived failure as a means to allow you to explore different options.

Try to anticipate what’s next

There’s a big difference between being proactive and reactive.  When you’re being reactive, you’re just performing tasks based off of a result, whereas being proactive is when you’re in a state of anticipation.

Granted, being reactive will still allow you to get the job done, but being proactive allows you to be a greater asset to your success, your employers, and your goals.  Don’t just wait for things to happen to get things done, work toward them.

Don’t get hindered by hindsight

They say that hindsight is 20/20, and it’s completely true.  We can see how our faults and bad judgments had a hand in our failures.  However, if you’re fixated on them, that’s going to cause you to stop being proactive and productive.  The goal from mistakes is to learn from them, and use what you learned as a tool to move forward.

Don’t try to be perfect

One of my biggest flaws growing up was that I was an “all or nothing” person.  If I couldn’t get someone 100% correct the first time, I would avoid it like the plague.  However, that was detrimental because as humans, we’re going to make mistakes.  No one will ever be perfect and it will sometimes take multiple tries to get the desired results that will lead to success.

Attempt progress

Instead, change your goals from being perfect, to seeking progression.  That will allow you the space to be human, while also fixing the little errors that are bound to arise.

Have a life outside

Sometimes when you are giving everything your all, you’re more likely to experience burnout.  Yes, you want to succeed, and we’ve been fed the propaganda that in order to achieve you must eat, breathe, and (when you do sleep) dream about your goals on a 24 hour loop.

But having some time to yourself, or something outside of your passion will allow you to come back to it refreshed, and not dreading it.

When it’s work time, stay focused

But when it’s time to work, try to stay as focused as possible.  By having designated times for really getting down to business is going to allow you to be able to be proactive and work toward what you need to achieve.

Be patient with yourself

With anything in life, most things don’t happen overnight.  Success is a process, a journey, that will take you places you didn’t expect, and might have you doubting your abilities.  However, give yourself some slack.  You’re not going to get everything right the first time (and if you do, can I apprentice under you?), and you’re bound to make mistakes.

However, when you learn to bounce back from them, that’s when you can keep on going.

Stay encouraged.



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