Power Ep. 208 Recap: “Three Moves Ahead”

August 2, 2015  |  
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In this wild episode of “Power,” Kanan sets his plans for revenge against Ghost in motion, Shawn picks a side, and the Lobos drug cartel suffers a devastating blow.

Tasha and Ghost conspire to kill Jefe Lobos

Tasha grows weary with Ghost’s “I’ve got a plan” speeches and demands to know how he’s going to handle Angela and her investigation. He shares what Angela told him about the task force aiming to arrest Lobos—not Tommy. Together, they conspire to kill Lobos to get the feds off of their backs and protect the “family business.”

Lobos plots to get rid of Ghost and Tommy

Tasha and Ghost aren’t the only ones with a plan. Lobos begins to see Tommy and Ghost as liabilities to his organization and decides that they need to go. After offering Ghost a promotion under the condition that Tommy is killed, Lobos learns that he doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to controlling Ghost. While he doesn’t flat out decline Lobos’ offer, Ghost explains that he needs a few days to think about it.

Tasha and Tommy realize Ghost still wants out of the game

Tommy flips out once he learns of Ghost’s plans to kill Lobos. For one, it’s going to be quite difficult getting to Lobos to do the deed without getting caught. Secondly, Tommy believes that they have a great deal worked out with Lobos that will be difficult to match once he’s gone. Then, Ghost begins talking about “going legit” again and Tommy loses it.

After Tommy shares what he has learned with Tasha, who assumes that Ghost has plans to kill Lobos and run off with Angela, Tasha confronts Ghost. Of course, he reassures her that he would never abandon her or their children.

Shawn vows to kill Ghost

Kanan finally resurfaces and sets a plan in motion to get back at Ghost for setting him up and sending him to prison. An intricate part of that plan is his son Shawn, who has been working as Ghost’s chauffeur. Once he’s reminded that his Uncle G is the reason he and his father missed out on all of those years together, and also, that he’s the only thing standing in the way of his relationship with Tasha, Shawn agrees to carry out the assassination.

Kanan, Drifty, Ruiz and “the Serb” form an alliance

It’s obvious that Kanan wanted Ghost dead all along, but he also wants to take over the drug operation. He uses the little bits of information that he’s been able to collect to convince most of the key players in Ghost and Tommy’s crew to join him in the takeover.

Tasha and Shawn’s little secret is out

Tasha’s mom, Estelle, has been hip to her affair with Shawn since day one. Now Lakeisha and Kanan are also aware. However, unlike Estelle, it’s clear that neither of them can be trusted.

Angela tries to stop Ghost from going to the Lobos meeting

After engaging in goodbye sex, Angela puts forth a weak attempt to stop the plan that she set in motion by trying to convince James to run away with her on the day of the Lobos meeting. Of course, he declines.

Tommy and Lobos are arrested 

After following Ghost to the Lobos meeting at The Carlton, Angela calls the task force to meet her at the hotel. They rush in and leave with both Lobos and Tommy in handcuffs. Ghost is somehow able to avoid the bust, while Lobos’ minion leaves the meeting in a body bag.

Ghost invites Angela to run away with him after the Lobos bust

Ghost is able to witness the entire Lobos bust without being noticed by the feds. Later that night, he invites Angela to run away with him just as Tasha had predicted. But there’s a good chance that it’s all a setup.

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