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After months of hoping and waiting for a recovery, Bobbi Kristina has tragically passed away at just 22 years old.

Her funeral will be held this Saturday.

Those who have been following the story, know that the incidents and events leading up to her passing have not been free of drama. Not only was Bobbi found in a way that was alarmingly similar to the way her mother was found years before, there were rumors and even speculation that Nick Gordon might have been involved in the ill fated accident.

Alex Reid,  Bobbi Kristina’s best friend, alleged that Gordon had abused Bobbi Kristina throughout the course of their relationship.

In addition, Gordon himself blamed drugs for Bobbi Kris’ death, drugs that the two of them willingly used together. You may remember that infamous episode of Dr. Phil where Gordon was clearly high and simultaneously emotionally distraught. He was clearly a participant and even an enabler in her destructive behavior.

I don’t believe Nick Gordon was directly involved in Bobbi Kristina’s death but he certainly wasn’t helping her to live right. And both sides of Krissi’s family have been very vocal about expressing their disdain for him, even going so far as to implicate him in her death.

And in the midst of all of this, Gordon is petitioning the family to allow him to attend Bobbi Kristina’s funeral.

In excerpts from an e-mail obtained by TMZ, sent to both Bobby Brown and Pat Houston, Gordon writes partially:

“I loved Krissi with all my heart and I am destroyed that she is gone and I need to say goodbye.”

“I’m begging you both to please put your differences aside and allow me this chance.”

“Krissi loved me very much and she would want me there.”

As messy and tragic as all of this is, I believe the family should let him attend.

I know some of you are thinking I’m crazy right now but hear me out.

Nick Gordon has been a strange character, from the time we first learned he and Bobbi Kris were romantically involved. It was very clear that he was an opportunist, looking to gain attention and favor from the public after the death of Whitney Houston. And Bobbi Kristina, for better or worse, was his way to achieve this.

And while he might have been manipulative, I believe that those two loved each other. And Whitney loved him too.

Bobbi Kristina always struck me as a lonely child. I remember watching clips of her in that debacle of a reality show looking exhausted and exasperated, often. And after Whitney’s passing, it didn’t appear to be too many people in her corner. Whether that was a situation she created for herself or people just weren’t as interested as they claimed to be, it became abundantly clear that there was a lack of support. And it would be a shame to deny one of the few people who was consistently there for her, though not perfectly, the opportunity to say goodbye.

While there has been more than enough speculation, most of it coming from family members, initial autopsy reports suggest that there was no foul play involved in Bobbi Kristina’s passing. That’s not the final word but if it turns out to be, it would be insult to injury to keep Gordon away from the funeral.

Honestly, the similarities between Whitney and Bobbi Kris’ lives and deaths are disturbing. They both attached themselves to [allegedly] abusive men. Both couples were involved with drugs, through decisions of their own, and both died tragically, far too soon.

The only difference is that Bobbi Kristina experienced all of that dysfunction in 22 short years. The sad reality is that both Bobbi and Whitney made decisions for themselves as adults and the men in their lives, instead of guiding them away from that life, either encouraged it by participating or couldn’t do enough to stop them.

In all of this, I haven’t forgotten that Gordon too is a recovering addict. And losing the woman he loved has the potential to place him in a very vulnerable position, possibly causing him to return to drugs. Gordon might not be your or the family’s concern right now, but I’m sure both Whitney and Krissi wouldn’t want him to follow in their footsteps.

I don’t know how seriously Bobby Brown will consider Nick’s request but I would be surprised if he couldn’t even manage to see the similarities between himself and Gordon. Both have been made the scapegoats in Whitney and Bobbi’s deaths and there was some drama at Whitney’s funeral over a seating arrangement. Even after all Whitney and Bobby went through together, it was a real shame he wasn’t given the respect he deserved to both say goodbye to the mother of his child and support Bobbi Kristina in what was undoubtedly the moment she needed him the most.

Rumors, drama and ego is far too commonplace at funerals, and you don’t have to be famous to witness this. At a time when people should be thinking, reflecting the preciousness of life and love, they’d rather engage in enough foolishness to upset the souls of the very loved ones they’re attempting to honor.

At the end of the day, Bobbi Kristina chose Gordon in life. It’s more than likely that she would have want him there at her funeral.

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