“I’m So Tired”: Things Women Without Children Shouldn’t Say To Women With Them

August 3, 2015  |  
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If your friend is a new mom–or a mom at all, and her kids still live at home, she doesn’t appreciate when you say the following things. Here are things women without children probably shouldn’t say to women with kids.


I’m so sleep-deprived

You’re sleep deprived? At least your sleep schedule is determined by your own schedule. A mom’s sleep schedule is determined by when her kids go to bed, when they wake up, and when they want breakfast at the crack of dawn. A mother’s work is never done.

I’ve had no time to go to the gym

You probably haven’t had time to go to the gym because you’ve been too busy with work or simply haven’t felt like going. Your friend who is a mom has probably been too busy with kids to find time to exercise. The gym is a luxury for her.

You’re glad you had kids, right?

Is that your way of asking if she would do things differently? Because um…the kids are sort of here now. There’s no going back at this point.



The restaurant is not exactly kid-friendly…

Well, then why did you choose such a place for dinner? Now she has to waste time and money looking for a babysitter! Way to make your mom and her little ones feel left out.



My dog does the same thing

Oh, really? Your dog does? Then you must know exactly what it’s like to be a parent, right?

Dinner is at 9 p.m.

After putting her kids to sleep, your friend goes to bed at 9 p.m. So why are you setting up late times to hang out? That’s so cruel.







You need to get your roots done

Oh, right. Because she just forgot. She didn’t realize her roots had grown out. Nope. Good thing you said something because she has all the time in the world to go to the salon…

I’m getting vajazzled

Don’t tell your mom friend, whose vagina was put through the wringer during childbirth, about how you’re decorating your lady business.

I never treat myself anymore

That’s because you spent all your extra money on your nice apartment. Your mom friend, on the other hand, spent it all on diapers and groceries.



Can’t you just get a sitter?

They don’t just appear out of thin air! Especially not good, trustworthy, honest ones.




You’re lucky! You don’t have to go to work.

Your mom friend would be glad just to clock in at 9 a.m. and clock out at 5 p.m. like she used to, especially if motherhood worked like that. She doesn’t even get a clock anymore.




I have no time to myself

If your mom friend wants to be alone, she has to plan it with her equally busy partner or pay for a sitter.



I feel like everybody wants something from me

Don’t. Even.





When I have kids…

Your plans sound fine and dandy now but know that all that goes out the window when the kids actually show up. You never know what you will do or how you will be until you actually become a parent.


You can get drunk because you have a babysitter

Yeah, but…she also still has kids who will wake her up at 6 a.m. and scream all day when she’s hung-over. Plus, she has too many responsibilities to waste time trying to nurse a hangover.

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