Your Relationship Status, Your Self-Esteem Level And More Things Facebook Can Tell You About Yourself

July 30, 2015  |  
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Facebook knows a lot more about you than you think the social media site does. These studies just might shock you with how much social media knows about your business–probably because you share so much of it. Do these ring true for you? Or do these Facebook scientists need to go back to the drawing board?

How Committed You Are

Long-term couples who share lots of posts about their relationship on Facebook are more likely to stay committed than those who don’t.

How Secure Your Relationship Is

Couples who share the love stick together. But folks who brag about their relationship status all the time might be feeling insecure about their new union.

Whether Your Relationship Will Last

Been officially “In a relationship” for three or more months according to your Facebook status? Your relationship is likely to make it the long haul.

How Much Your Facebook Friends Like You

Posting selfies of you and your boo may mean you’ll be together longer, but it also means that your Facebook friends like you and your relationship a little less.

What You’re Going To Fight About

Couples that are on Facebook often fight about Facebook a lot. Statuses, suspicious likes and exes sending friend requests are all drama-starters for social media-savvy couples.

How You’re Feeling Right Now

When you’re feeling down, you post on Facebook more often.

How Smart You Are

You’ll never guess the two Facebook likes that suggest high intelligence: curly fries and The Colbert Report.

How Hirable You Are

Facebook is one of the number one places employers look after they check out your resume. And you won’t believe the things they’re looking for.

How High Your G.P.A. Is

On Facebook during study hours? Your G.P.A. might not be as high as it could be.

Whether Or Not You’re Going To Get Unfriended

People who post boring or irritating posts shouldn’t be too surprised when they see their “friend” numbers go down.

How Insecure You Are

Men who abuse and harass women on Facebook and Twitter are most likely to be quite insecure in real life.

When You Need An Image Boost

Are you posting more selfies than usual? You might be sending yourself a sign unconsciously. Posting selfies is one way women aim to raise their self-esteem.

How Many Friends You Have

Is your #nonewfriends policy reflected in your statuses? This study says that the more Facebook friends you have, the fewer real ones you have

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