Can’t You Be Happy You’re Breathing? 11 Things To Do Instead Of Complain

July 30, 2015  |  
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The day sucked. You’re on your period. He never called you back. You hate your hair. You want to kill your boss.

Do you see where this is going?

Something is always bound to go bad in your life, but that doesn’t give you the right to complain. The next time you feel a negative comment coming on, try this.

Don’t let it fester

Perhaps you were all ready to get over the thing that pissed you off before you thought about it again. Now you’re completely hot and ready to kill someone!

A good way to work on your complaining is to not let things sit in your head for too long.

Release it

Having an issue with someone or something is natural. Everyone does. Rather than not speak to what’s bothering you, put it to pen and paper by journaling your frustrations. This will allow you to channel your thoughts in a way that’s more productive than blowing a fuse. Who knows, you might be able to look back at what you wrote and find the closure you need.

Surround yourself with positivity

It’s amazing what an impact an inspirational read or message can have on us. Make it a point to read or listen to one positive source a day. This will help keep your spirits lifted and focus on the brighter side of things.

Distance yourself from ‘Negative Nancy’

No wonder you can’t stop complaining — your entire entourage is nothing but sour grapes! If it comes to it, don’t be afraid to separate yourself from folks that bring nothing but toxicity to your life.

Count your blessings

Remember that journal to write down your frustrations and complaints? Well you might want to leave room for the things that make you happy. Jotting down life and everyday events that fill your make you grateful can only work in your favor.

Give back

One of the best ways not to focus on yourself is to think of others. Do some good in your community by volunteering and mentoring.

What have you done for your community lately?

Forgive & let live

The moment you realize you can’t change someone, the happier you’ll be. Hopefully this will stop any complaints you have about someone and their habits.

Get an accountability partner

If push comes to shove, you might need someone to hold you accountable. Speak with a friend or family member who will put you in check every time your attitude is bad. Sometimes it can be hard to know when you’re being nasty.

Pay the fine

Just like there’s a jar for cussing, there can be one for complaining. Get your money ready as this method of breaking a bad habit will likely hurt your pockets.

Be about solutions

If something really bothers you to the point of complaining, try to find solutions to your problems instead of an excuse to bicker. Too many people focus on what’s wrong and don’t work toward improvement.

Change your mindset

Are you super judgmental? Perhaps you have pessimistic ways that make it hard for you to enjoy the little things? Take a look inside yourself for areas that you can work to fix. If you’re able to change your mindset and focus on the good in the world, it just might make complaining a thing of the past.

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