How Exercising With Your Partner Can Be Both Good And Bad For Your Relationship

July 30, 2015  |  
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Exercising together can be really good for your relationship. But it can also create some problems. Anytime you do an activity that focuses on  body image and weight, you risk getting in some arguments. Here is how exercising with your partner can be both good and bad for your relationship.

It can motivate you to keep it tight

When your partner is working to get into good shape, you also want to! You make better choices in the food you eat, the amount of sleep you get, and all aspects of your life.

It can also encourage you to let loose

You might also think, “I know we’re going to spin class tomorrow so we can eat this large pizza tonight.”


You can overcome a challenge together

Whether it’s running a certain number of miles or completing a hike, overcoming a challenge can bring you closer together as a couple.

But it can also get competitive

You might just start racing each other, comparing how many calories you’ve burned, and end up jealous of one another.

You look hot in your yoga pants

You get to wear hot little yoga pants and push-up bras that give you great cleavage around your partner.


So do other women

The other women on your hiking trail or at your gym are wearing those too. So you might worry that your guy is checking them out.

He notices when you lose weight

Your guy sees when you lose weight—he’s paying attention because he’s been on the journey with you! Much better than the days when he didn’t notice anything.

It makes you second-guess how you used to look

“Hang on. If he’s noticing I’ve lost weight and he says I look really good now, does that mean he thought I was overweight before?”

It makes for a fun date

Exercise can diversify your dates. It can be fun to do more than dinner and the movies or happy hour and takeout.


But what happened to real dates?

You guys work out so much that exercise has taken up the very small window of time you had for “real” dates where you’re wined and dined.

It can be great for your sex life

It can get your adrenaline pumping, and it’s hot to see your partner all sweaty and hulking.


It can make you too tired for sex

Exercise energizes some people, but it can also make you too exhausted for sex. And if one of you pulls a muscle on a hike? You can forget it.

You get on the same schedule

You get to spend more time together because you’re working out together and planning your meals and sleep schedule around that.


But you’re always together

Um…you might get sick of each other. Just a little bit. Breakfast together every day before jogging together every day and napping at the same time every day. Yeah, it’s time for some “me” time.

Fitness classes are a great way to meet new friends

You can make friends with other couples! You’ve wanted to do that for a while.


What if you don’t agree on the friends?

Unless, of course, you can’t agree on the friends you like and don’t like.

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