10 ‘Small Things’ That Can Make Your Relationship Wonderful

July 29, 2015  |  
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Fancy gifts along with wining and dining are great, but don’t guarantee a good relationship. Come to think of it, nothing can really promise you and your love are going to stay together, but at least you can try a few of these little things to strengthen your foundation.

Saying ‘I love you’

Not every couple says this on the regular — let alone a daily basis. This three-letter phrase might sound cheesy at times but still has power. Never forget to let someone know you love them.

Hug/sweet embrace

Not everything needs to be about bumping and grinding between the sheets. There is more to a relationship than just sex. Another way to express yourself physically is with a hug or embrace (e.g. cuddling). Sometimes folks just need a rub on the shoulders to let them know things will be OK.

Quality time

Please don’t sleep on this one as couples need quality time in order for their relationship to thrive. Do your best to carve out a few moments each day where you two can enjoy each other without interruptions.

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Give thanks

When was the last time you gave your love a compliment? Are you someone who can point out all the wonderful little things they do, or just everything that pisses you off? People like to hear when they get things right so don’t be stingy with your gratitude.

Giving your undivided attention

“Oh what did you say babe?”

Modern technology has made it next to impossible not to get distracted. Unfortunately, this seeps into events where you should give your undivided attention — like a romantic dinner. Do yourself a favor, put down the phone.

Sending a ‘just because’

The flip side to using technology are all the opportunities to send a just because message. Shoot a random text or email to let your beau know you’re thinking of them.

Write a love note

You don’t have to be Shakespeare in order to write your feelings on paper. Even if you put a sticky note in their lunch, or hide it in their wallet, it’s the thought that counts.

Bring them something small

Have you ever wanted something random and your beloved came home (or to your house) with it in hand? It doesn’t matter if it was a Snickers bar, the fact they were in tune with your needs — without you even asking — is pretty sweet.

Take interest in their happiness

A nice way to show someone you care is to take interest in their hobbies and the things that make them smile (not including you). No one says you need to participate 24/7, but once in awhile would more than likely be appreciated.

Not take each other for granted

You’ll quickly come to realize through happiness or tragedy that life is too short. No one is guaranteed to see another day which is one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t take your love for granted.

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