15 Times Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With You

August 5, 2015  |  
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You might think you’re so skilled at certain oral, um, activities that you could get any man in any mental state revving up to go at it. Sorry to break the news to you, but there are some times when a man will not give you some loving, and here are 15 of them.

You had a pregnancy scare

Even if you’re in the clear now, it’s going to take him some time to recover from that.





There’s a bathroom emergency

It doesn’t matter how horny he was five minutes before the bubbling in his stomach started. No sex is worth possibly crapping the bed.

You cried earlier that day

If you cried that same day—even if it was unrelated to the relationship—your guy might feel weird about having sex and think he’s taking advantage of you in your emotional state.

He cried earlier that day

He definitely doesn’t want to have sex if he cried earlier that day. He’s too busy trying to get his emotions together.




You make him do all the work

If you consistently just lie there while he does everything, he’s not going to feel motivated to have sex. Get into it, girl!



You complain about not having enough sex

If you just complained about the two of you not having enough sex, he might feel like by doing it now, he’s obeying some command. And not in a sexy way.

He feels broke

A man’s member shrinks with his wallet. Not literally, though. If your partner had to tell you he couldn’t afford to take you to the restaurant you wanted to go to, he probably won’t feel like a stallion in the sack later.

He ran into your ex

He’s far too busy picturing that guy having sex with you to have sex with you himself.




Right after masturbation

The tank is empty. The pipes aren’t working. You get the idea.

You were hurt last time

If you suffered an injury of some sort the last time you did it, then your guy might be afraid of a repeat for a little while.




He’s too tired for foreplay

He wants to have sex, but he doesn’t feel like warming you up at all. So he forgoes the whole thing.





There’s an important game on

There’s a game on and sports things are happening that never happen in, um, the history of sports things (I clearly know what I’m talking about). Anyway, he can’t miss that and be the only one out of the loop in the group text with his buddies.

He screwed up at work

A man’s confidence in life and in the bedroom is closely linked to his confidence at work. If he screwed up at the job, he won’t feel like screwing you when he gets home.

You’re on your period

He’s not turned on when he thinks about getting it on while you’re dealing with your monthly menstrual cycle. That’s just not sexy.

He, um, struggled last time

If he struggled to get his member going last time, he might be afraid to try this time.

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