How Couples In Long-Term Relationships Stay Sexually Satisfied

July 29, 2015  |  
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At the beginning of a relationship, most of the sexual fun comes from the fact that your partner’s body is all new to you. That novelty can’t last forever, so how do long-term couples stay sexually satisfied? Here are some tips.

They go to bed at the same time

If you go to sleep at different times, one person is asleep by the time the other person gets there, and that makes sex difficult to come by. Happy couples make a point to go to bed at the same time. Once they’re both there, and awake, they start cuddling and one thing leads to another.

They make a point to have sex

They know that life will get in the way of having sex, and they find little pockets of time to make it work. They’ll even say, “Let’s have sex before dinner.”

But they don’t push it

If one person is not in an emotional or mental state to have sex, or they flat-out don’t want to, the other leaves it alone. Showing that you care and can be understanding is a major turn-on for your partner that will pay off later.

They schedule, in a fun way

They put it on a calendar: “Bangin’ at 7 p.m.!” They email each other: “See you at 8 p.m. for naked time…” It’s a way to make sure they both make time to do it that feels a little naughty.

They touch each other outside of the bedroom

Sexually satisfied couples do a lot of PDA! Nothing too over the top. But touching throughout the day builds up sexual desire.

They share about their days

Sexually satisfied couples share the details of their day with one another. Feeling connected to someone’s experience is a big part of arousal.

They sext

Sexually satisfied couples let each other know that they think about having sex with the other all of the time. They sext!

They mix things up occasionally

They make sure to introduce a new flavored lubricant, a new type of condom, or some new little toy every so often.

They flirt

Happy couples flirt! In public. In front of others. In private. They flirt as if they’re just meeting for the first time.

They kiss for a long time

A long kiss with your partner can ignite feelings down south, even when you really thought you were not in the mood.

They communicate what they want

Sexually satisfied couples tell one another what positions/speeds/angles/dirty talk they like.

They sneak off to have sex

There’s nothing hotter than feeling like you’re getting away with something! Sexually satisfied couples leave parties early to have sex, or they have to make excuses to explain why they’re late to work.

They do it out of bed

They do it on the couch, in the shower, on the floor, in the kitchen and in the car. Maybe even in their offices!

They forget the words, “I’m tired”

They don’t allow the words “I’m tired” in the bedroom. Ever heard of a quickie? Once you start foreplay, you forget that you were ever exhausted.

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