7 Reasons To Stop Being Afraid Of Love

July 28, 2015  |  
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Are you the only thing standing in your way of finding love? Is it because you’re terrified of it? You don’t want to have that on edge, constantly nervous, big-ball-of-emotional-mush feeling you’ve read about? Well, it’s not really like that. Here are 7 reasons you need to stop being afraid of love.

You’ll never find it that way

If you’re allowing your friends to set you up with guys, on every online dating site out there, and hanging out at singles bars, but you are actively terrified of love, you may as well pack up, close up shop and go home.

It’s just impossible

If you’re worried about getting hurt, then you’re avoiding opening up. You’re not sharing all of yourself with the people you date because you’re afraid of rejection. You’re not telling people how you really feel. You’re not doing any of the things you need to in order to find love when you’re afraid of it.

You’re not going to find it ASAP anyway

Hey, news flash: You can stop hiding in your room as if the moment you step outdoors, love is going to smack you in the face.

It takes a while

It takes a long time to meet someone you can stand to be around regularly. And after that, it takes a long time to develop feelings of love. So calm down. You can go look for love. If you feel scared again, you can hide again too. It’s not going to happen all at once.

Remember your childhood BFF?

The one who you would call to tell every ridiculous detail of your day to? The one who you’d rehash your conversations with other friends to? The one whose house you would just show up at, unannounced, with no plans because as long as you were together, the most boring activities were fun?

Love can be that

As you get older, your friends find their own loves or get busy with their careers. Finding that constant companion, a relationship as stimulating as your friendships, can be tough. But a partner can be that, and it’s so much fun! You’ll feel like a kid again.

Breakups won’t kill you

Have you ever heard of a breakup killing somebody? Has there ever been scientific proof that somebody can die of a broken heart? Nope. So get over yourself.

They’ll hurt. Then they’ll go away

Sure, breakups hurt. They can temporarily make you not want to get out of bed. They’ll make you cry. But they won’t kill you. So if you’re avoiding love just to avoid doing some crying if things don’t work out, you’re being a little punk. Sorry. Somebody had to say it.

It’s good for your health

Love has all sorts of health benefits! Studies have found that people with close, loving, intimate relationships live longer than others.

And singledom can be bad for your health

Admit it: You drink a lot more booze and sleep a lot less as a single person.

Heartache isn’t personal

Maybe for you, your biggest fear is having your self-esteem take a hit. You’re terrified of feeling like you’re not attractive/smart/fit/funny/adventurous/cool enough for somebody.

The other person just figured it out first

Look over your past breakups: You can probably see now that even the guys who dumped you—who you mourned over—were actually wrong for you. See, they just figured it out first. Breakups aren’t personal. There is no way a person who doesn’t want you could be right for you anyway. So put your ego aside or tell it to shut up. It’s got no business in love.

Once you find it, it doesn’t feel scary at all

You might be out there dating, having conversations with cute guys all while thinking “This can’t go anywhere good!”

It doesn’t work like that

You’ll see: When a relationship is right, you’re so connected to somebody that a breakup rarely comes out of nowhere. You have a very keen sense for how strong your bond is. You’re on the same page. Being in love—when it’s right—doesn’t feel scary.

Now that you have no excuse, please text back that guy who has been waiting for a response from you for hours now. You like him. He likes you. Just go with it.

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