Vivian Billings: Is A Transgendered Woman Still A Man?

July 17, 2015  |  

I was recently driving back down to New York from North Carolina and heard over the radio a topic about a transgendered woman who is an MMA fighter, fighting another woman (who was born a woman), and destroying her physically. The radio jock asked his audience if they thought this was a fair fight. I had to think about this for a moment.

For those who are unaware, I am a mother to a transgendered child. I’m not going to go into detail, but my story was documented on a Vh1 reality show titled “The Gossip Game.” And if you need further information, just Google my name. There are tons of stories from various websites letting the world know that I support my child 100 percent. However, professional fighting can be a touchy subject, so here are my thoughts.

While doing research, I found that while a male is transitioning into a female, he can become sick, emotional, and even a man’s bone density can change making him physically weak. Making him weaker than a woman, who was born a woman, is a different story. Men (meaning males who are born male) naturally have more physical strength than a woman. At least for the most part, we all know that to be true. Don’t be misguided by the fight videos you see on WorldStar of women beating up on men because this is not always the case. We are talking about professional boxing here!

I believe we have to consider all of the facts here….and the fact of the matter is this…..Fallon Fox (the MMA fighter who was born a man and fights women) has kept the fact that she was born a man a secret! In 2013, Fallon Fox had a fight with a woman (who was born a woman) that lasted approximately 39 seconds. Fallon Fox had beat the mess out of this woman where it was finally discovered that Fallon Fox was actually born a man! Fallon had never informed the MMA commissioners about the fact that she was once a man! That to me is a little suspect. The commission should’ve done something then about Fallon Fox, but apparently, they didn’t!

Fallon Fox was then allowed to fight Tamikka Brents who after 2 minutes and 17 seconds suffered a concussion and a broken eye socket that required seven staples. So the question remains…..Was this a fair fight?

My answer……ABSOLUTELY NOT! Regardless, if an individual (specifically a male) is transgendered, does not make fighting an individual who was born the way they were fair! For instance, if a woman decided that she now wanted to transition into being a man, is it cool for that woman to become an MMA fighter and start fighting men?! Absolutely not! Men are stronger than women, period! No amount of testosterone or estrogen can change the DNA of an individual! That is a scientific fact!

Fallon Fox’s DNA proves that she is a man, whether she likes it or not. That is what the facts are! However Fallon Fox chooses to live her life is another thing. I respect the fact that Fallon Fox wants to live her life as a female. That is not the issue at hand here. The issue at hand is the fact that Fallon Fox has the power and DNA of a man, yet she’s fighting women who are born women who are physically (DNA wise) weaker. I believe this is what the masses are troubled with. I also believe that the MMA commission should really look into Fallon Fox continuing to fight females. This is just my opinion and I know I’ll probably receive some backlash about this article, but I felt this issue needed to addressed.

This was not an attempt to bash anyone’s sexuality or lifestyle. I support the LGBTQ community, my receipts prove this, I just happen to believe that when it comes to fighting whether professionally or in the street, things need to be fair. Just my thoughts.

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