Mom of 10 Starts GoFundMe Campaign: Does It Take A Village Or Birth Control?

July 7, 2015  |  

Facebook user Nishi Miller recently took to social media and the crowd funding page, GoFundMe in an effort to assist her friend who is a mom of 10.

According to the GoFundMe page ran by Ms. Miller, Sade Whitehead is a mother of nine with another child on the way. Miller expressed she wanted to help Whitehead, and was “taking a leap of faith” by starting the page. The GoFundMe page asks for donations of clothing, school supplies, shoes and toys, and has raised $382.

Without question the page has garnered much attention, and backlash for both obvious, and not so obvious reasons. Most likely the number one thought running through everyone’s mind, why keep having kids? Given the state of today’s economy it is no surprise to hear any single mother is  struggling to provide for her children whether she has one or five. Ten children however, call into question one’s judgement and also begs the question, where is/are their father(s)?

The GoFundMe page offers no insight into to the background of the Whitehead family’s circumstances. It is unclear whether or not the children’s father(s) are involved, if Sade is employed, or has any formal education. It is not far off to say that women such as Sade (based on the perception depicted by the GoFundMe) help perpetuate negative stereotypes about Black motherhood.  The comments alone paint a clear picture as to the assumptions being concluded by page visitors. The comments also call into question the policing of a woman’s reproductive organs.

*insert page shots*

Similar to political issues regarding abortion, and birth control, how can one woman tell another she needs “education and birth control”. Sade has the right to do as she pleases with her body as we do. As society looks down from its high horse, assuming Whitehead has not made socially sound judgments in life, consider many possibilities that may have brought Miller to reach out to community for help. Loss of employment, divorce, or maybe she recently purchased a car and now things are tight.

While logically it does not seem like the best idea to continue to reproduce when one might not be in ideal financial circumstances, but as the saying goes, “it takes a village”. What are ideal financial circumstances for any parent with ten children? Does that mean others should bear the weight of another’s  misjudgment? The children did not ask to be here. Should they not be granted the same necessities and luxuries afforded  to children in smaller households?

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