The UCLA Brawl: Did Diddy Go Too Far Defending Son Justin?

June 24, 2015  |  

You’ve felt that feeling. And if you haven’t, you probably don’t want to. It’s the feeling when someone says something to your kid that crosses the line. Maybe they yelled at them. Or maybe they turned around on a plane and told them to stop kicking the chair without saying anything to you first. As the parent, you’re that child’s first line of defense.

So while everyone would probably agree that Diddy needs to get his temper in check, they can still understand his motivation for getting into a physical altercation with the strength and conditioning coach at UCLA. The music mogul was arrested Monday on a charge of three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of making terrorist threats, and one count of battery after an altercation with Sal Alosi, his son’s football coach. Allegedly, Diddy swung a kettle bell after attacking Alosi in his office. Diddy was released Monday night after posting $50,000 bail.

So what caused this rumble in the UCLA jungle? Well, as most already know, Diddy’s son Justin Combs is a defensive end on the football team. Coach Alosi was reportedly yelling at Justin during practice with Diddy watched on the sidelines. (Apparently, Diddy is a frequent spectator at games and practices) After practice, Diddy and Justin went to the Coach’s office to confront him. This is where the story gets muffled. Some “sources” say that Diddy went in while Alosi was on the phone, and was upset that Alosi asked him to wait so he started cursing at him. Then, Diddy allegedly attacked him. Personnel escorted him out of the office and into the weight room where he picked up the kettle bell and swung it at interns. Honestly, this sounds like lunatic Diddy. That’s not to say that it couldn’t be true, or that he didn’t overreact, but it would seem more likely that things escalated after a situation that, frankly, was justified.

Let’s take Diddy’s temper out of the equation because swinging a kettle bell at someone could kill them. If this is true, yes, Mr. Combs went too far. But he did wait until after practice to speak to the Coach, and if he felt the Coach had been too hard on his son, then isn’t confronting him what he was supposed to do as a parent. So if things turned physical with the Coach afterwards, there’s probably a chance that both of them played a role. This coach was actually suspended when he worked for the NY Jets for trying to trip a player on the opposite team.  And according to a rep for Combs Enterprises Nathalie Moar, the accounts of the events that took place are “wholly inaccurate.” Moar says, “any actions taken by Mr. Combs were solely defensive in nature to protect himself and his son.” So there’s definitely two different sides to this story. But it still started out with him defending his son.

Which goes back to the initial point. How far will you go to defend your kids? College football coaches are known to be rough, but is it possible that he was being extra hard on Justin? We don’t know what the Coach yelled at him on that field or if there was anything else going on between them. And until we do, we can’t say for sure that he didn’t have a right to confront the Coach. Whatever happened afterwards, though, well that’s the part where Diddy should probably have exercised more control. But in that moment, when that idiot turns around in their plane chair, with an attitude and yells “Stop kicking my damn chair” to your kid’s face, you may just pick up your foot and give the back of their chair the biggest kick you can because your self control just went out the window.

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