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One of the goals I’ve had when it comes to my children is that I want them to know I love them, but more than that, I want them to know I am their mother and not their friend. I know a lot of mothers who so badly want to be their childs friend, but this idea does not sit well with me. Children who look at their parents as friends often get disrespectful towards their parents, or sometimes think its ok to do certain things because their parents are going to be cool with it. I want my children to know that although I love them dearly, there are certain things I don’t agree with and they shouldn’t be doing it until they are of age…..or out of MY house and in their own house and paying their own bills. 🙂

I recently met a mother who’s name is Val Starks. She became an internet sensation when she posted up a video of herself berating her daughter. Now many of you might be saying “Well why was she berating her own daughter on the internet?” Well, let me explain.

Val Starks had been having some trouble with her 13 year old daughter’s use of social media. Specifically, Facebook and Instagram. It just so happened that Val’s 13 year old daughter had created several inappropriate pages on Facebook and when Val found out, punished her daughter and even took away privileges, but soon found out that that wasn’t enough.

You see, Val was contacted several weeks ago by one of her friends who stated that Val’s daughter had once again created a Facebook page. Val thought to herself this couldn’t be true because she had just went over the rules with her daughter about having social media. Val thought that the punishments and privileges were working, but clearly they weren’t. Val asked her friend for her password so that she can see for herself what was going on on her daughters Facebook page and boy was Val in for a shock!

Val soon found out that her daughters Facebook page was under the alias of “Infinite Love” and made claims she was 19 years old and a FREAK! YIKES!! To make matters worse, Val’s 13 year old daughter posted photos of herself in her bra and panties! To say Val was furious would have been an understatement.Val decided that she had had enough of her daughters antics and decided to film a video of herself and her daughter, letting the world know what the truth really was. The video was posted on Val’s daughters Facebook page just to let her followers know that she was really only 13 years old and far from a FREAK! However, the video went viral and received over 17 million views in just under a week!

Val said that she didn’t expect for her video to go viral the way that it did, but she has now become an activist for those moms who are going through the same thing she has. If you have not seen the video of Val, you can check it out below:

Throughout the entire video you can here Val Starks setting the record straight for her daughter and her Facebook followers. Val also lets her child know that she is her mother and not her friend! A sentiment I can agree with on any day. When will these kids learn that mothers are here for their best interest? When will these children learn that how they think today is not going to be how they think when they’re 30? Us mothers need to take control of how and what are kids are getting into. These kids are growing up with too much time on their hands which can only lead to 1 thing…..TROUBLE!

I salute Val Starks for taking a stand with her daughter and I wish other mothers would do the same! She didn’t hit her child, she just chastised her! I recently saw a video of a handicapped dad whipping his daughter in the face with a belt behind the same issue. I didn’t agree with that type of parenting, nor did I condone it, but I don’t know everyone’s challenges. Some may agree with me while others wont and thats ok. Just know, Val and I are here to raise our children the right way and if that takes some tough love then so be it!

Val Starks Goes Viral: I Am Your Mother Not Your Friend


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