Randy Ritchwood: Focus On Your Goals And Win

June 22, 2015  |  

You have a bunch of goals, but you are too distracted to conquer them. You want total control over your life and time, including your career, while being that stand up person who takes care of their family – yet you keep failing.

Ask yourself – how can you really get ahead when you have so many interruptions that sidetrack you. You aren’t focused enough to get the accolades that come with hustling. The bars have your attention, women or men dominate your down time, and your spending habits are crazy. You are losing at your own game because you lack discipline and structure. On the line, you complain about wanting to do better and make a difference, but you don’t put in any effort, because you would rather nag or wait for the world to hand you all of its opportunities. I’m here to tell you – life doesn’t work like that. You are too distracted and caught up to win. You are the one that is responsible for your dreams that got deferred.

Truth be told, if any one in your circle says that they are proud of you, but fail in the support categories, then you need to question your support system. Ask yourself, why are they around and what do they really bring to the table? This scenario happens often in marriages and long term relationships. We are with people who say they want the best for us, yet they prohibit us from being the best that we can be. I’m sure you are familiar with the wife or girlfriend who complains about your long hours at work, when you are only trying to provide for your home, or the husband or boyfriend who would prefer you to be totally submissive, while putting your career on the back burner. This is not support. It’s insecurity that will eventually be the source of your demise.

I want you to understand this – no one can slow you or your dreams down unless you give them permission. The key here is balance. Great men and women cannot proceed past the greenlight if their car is stalling at the red light. I’ve learned during the highs and lows of running businesses, as well as being an actor that you have to surround yourself around people who not only listen to your passions, but those who consistently support them. It is important to associate with people who are resourceful. You need to engage in conversation with people who can guide you. In my field, I often hear that it is lonely at the top. I thoroughly agree. When you are passionately chasing your path, many will fall off during the journey. The separation may be due to delays in your growth together, miscommunication, or even differences in your life ideologies.

As you look towards the second half of the year, look back at your successes. How many achievements can you count in the last 6 months? It’s time to mature. It’s time to really focus on laying down the foundation for your family and also for yourself. When I was a young man, I observed my father. He taught me that to get anything worthy in life you have to work for it. If you want to turn the key to that home, you have to work for it. If you want to drive a luxury vehicle or send your children to the college of their choice – you have to create your reality. That’s the only way that you are going to win. Those are my exact sentiments. I advise that you focus on your lot and how to build on it, verses watching your neighbors and their activities. Stop talking about everyone else’s movements and focus on your own.

Teach your children how to be leaders during the process. Teach them how to separate from associates that stagnate their growth. Instruct them on building their personal value and personal wealth. Lastly, encourage them through your hustle to fund their future by adding to their emotional bank account verses draining it.

Randy Ritchwood: Focus On Your Goals And Win

Randy ‘Wood’ Ritchwood is an East Orange, New Jersey resident and a divorced father of 4. He is also a serial businessman, restaurant owner, real estate owner, and the former reality star of ‘I Love New York.”Wood’ as he is often addressed, is also the 2005 winner of Oxygen’s show ‘Mr. Romance.’ To spice up Mommynoire from a man’s perspective, he will be contributing a weekly column targeting sex, intimacy, dating, marriage, baby mamas, and divorce challenges. In his eyes: “Remember, I’m not your doctor, I’m not your therapist, I’m just your man ‘Wood’ Randy Ritchwood. 

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