Summer Tresses: Get Your Hair Color to Last!

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 We know that deciding to color your hair is a big investment. As mamas, we love a nice upgrade to our current style and well deciding to highlight or color our tresses counts too! We often spend time between Pinterest and hair magazines trying to figure out what color will suit us best and while we love the choosing part of the process, the upkeep is just as important.

Not like the rinses of yesteryears, hair color may last a little longer but it is still liable to fade (read as – unfortunately it will not last). But that doesn’t mean your down and out! We’ve got one of our favorite products to keep colored hair healthy, strong and vibrant. With roughly 75% of women having used hair color at some point in their lives, it’s time we learned just how to keep it beautiful.

Many women believe that hair color will fade after 3-4 weeks, but studies show it goes so much faster! Our permed or naturally curly tendrils fade 5 times faster in the first week alone. As busy mamas, going to the salon for a treatment every week just isn’t realistic but you can gain greater knowledge on just what to do with those strands. Knowing what happens during the color process, and how to care for color-treated hair, can go a long way toward keeping your tendrils bright, healthy and shiny – without running to the salon.

So, what exactly happens after you’ve sat for hours with your stylist? In order for your hair to take to the new color, first the cuticle of the hair opens to allow colorant to penetrate. The cuticle is the outermost layer of our hair shaft – think of it as the protective layer keeping all harmful chemicals out.

Because it can be seen and touched, the cuticle defines smoothness and shininess, but it  may get damaged by chemical processes like coloring, overexposure to sunlight (UV), heat from styling irons, abusive brushing and combing, over-chlorinated pool water, etc., causing dull, frizzy, brittle hair. All the stuff that keeps us from looking our best, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from color or styling irons  – we just have to use the right products.

After hair coloring, the styling isn’t fully over. The next few steps are on us and our bathroom sinks (cue movie for the kids).

1. First thing first is to rinse your hair thoroughly until water runs clear. If your hair is not well rinsed after the coloring process, it may actually cause hair damage and promote color fading.

2. The next step is to condition, condition, condition! You should always apply a conditioner made for color-treated hair immediately after coloring.

Conditioners designed for color-treated hair will have a pH value of 3 to 4, returning your cuticles to a closed, healthy state. Continued use of color-safe conditioners will expedite cuticle closure to help prevent hair damage and color fading, which is essentially what we are all aiming for!

Now that you know what to do, you ned to know what to use!

We’ve found Bigen Protect & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner to care for all the concerns most women have for color-treated hair  and return us to happy, vibrant hair.  Bigen has been in the hair color business for over 55 years, and have used that knowledge to produce a color-safe shampoo & conditioner that uses rice water essence(Inositol) and sunflower oil to repair damaged hair, while it gently cleanses and conditions. These products are specially formulated to work for color-treated hair, repair hair damage and protect the hair from future damage.

With proper care and maintenance to new color we’re keeping our color longer, saving money, and giving you healthy, shiny looking hair all year long! Mamas, lets get and keep it fierce with the right routine and products and Bigen is a sure win for your best (and healthiest) looks.

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