The Like Parent App and The Battle For Bragging Rights

June 4, 2015  |  

Everyone thinks their child is cute.  But really, I do have an adorable daughter.  I often joke that my daughter is called “cute” so much because she looks just enough like me that no one can ever call me unattractive.  The truth is, she does resemble me so much that one can’t deny she’s mine…until they see a picture of her mother.  It’s almost unanimous.  While science suggests she’s 50 percent mine, the court of public opinion gives me facial expressions and Cydney’s personality.  In theory, I am okay with this; but my ego wants a little credit.

Over the weekend I have been seeing what I assumed were results from an app popping up.  I saw it once a day Saturday through Tuesday.  As of this morning I have been seeing it flood my timeline.  The Like Parent app analyzes the facial scans of parents and their children.  It then gives a percentage breakdown of how much the child looks like said parent…so that one can brag all over social media. I had to try it out.

Like Parent can be downloaded for free via iTunes and Google Play.  After doing so, I uploaded a picture of myself, Cydney, and her mother and bam!   The results suggest that my daughter looks 66 percent like me and 33 percent like her mother.  At that point, I was done with it and just wanted to let the world know how much I felt vindicated and validated that my adorable little girl not only looks like me; but she looks mostly like me.

I then tried it again.  Clearly there is no science in this app and it says “to be used for entertainment purposes,” and I was just that.  I used different pictures of the three of us to see if this would garner different results.  The second go-round suggests that Cydney looks 69 percent like me and 31 percent like her mom.  I laughed and to myself thought “I wish Cydney’s mother was alive so I could rub this in.”  Right after I thought that I looked on Facebook and it seemed to be what many of my parenting friends were doing: rubbing it in.  I was humored because this added something else to break up the monotony at work.

As I began looking at parents’ friendly back-and-forth for bragging rights I noticed that more often than not, whoever posted the pictures were the winners of the percentage game.  That makes sense, because I would have done the same.  The thing was that in some of these cases the children did look like the winning parent at all.  “Maybe _____’s child has her chin or eyelashes; but that face is all mom,” I thought.

I pitched this article, and then I started getting a little creative and experimenting.  I took a picture of myself, Cydney, and our cat to see which percentage of Cydney looked like us.  The app gave some to Curtis, the fluffy white birman.  I was curious what the results would say.  So I had one last test up my sleeve.  I used to date one girl that strangers from time to time would assume was Cydney’s mother.  I put her picture in the app and the results said it looked 49.5 percent like her. Yep, that happened.

So with all of that said, I say you should try it out.  Don’t take it seriously; but it’s fun.  I was thoroughly entertained by it and I am laughing at the comments people are posting on Facebook about their kids.  We all love our children because we would like to think they are the best qualities in us that have been passed down, so I see nothing wrong with wanting to duke it out and stake claim to a majority of their looks on social media.

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