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When I was a kid my mom sold Avon and my aunt sold Tupperware. Now our generation is taking entrepreneurship to a different level. Moms are creating freedom for their families in a whole new way.

Black girls rock, this we already know. But did you know that we are rocking it in the business arena, too?

African American women are starting businesses at a rate of 6 times that of anyone else. The Center for American Progress says that women of color are driving entrepreneurship. Forbes calls us, “Go-Getters Without Resources.” Well, what we may lack in some areas, such as capital funding, we make up for in other areas, like persistence.

Yeah, baby, we are rocking it in online and offline businesses. Some of us are opening franchises, others are doing direct sales, many of us are bloggers, and lots of us are opening good old fashioned storefronts like the local hair salon.

Don’t hold back! This is our time to shine. In fact, the demand is so great that I launched my newest coaching program, the Become the Guru Bootcamp, to help us add speaker, writer, and product creators to our resumes. All of this adds to your personal brand. Yes, we are turning up in powerful ways.

Your personal brand is your biggest asset if you want to take your business ideas to the next level. So what is your personal brand? Inc. Magazine defines personal branding as, “the art of building a unique brand around yourself as an individual.” Basically, it is the culmination of the way you are “packaged” and perceived in the marketplace.

Here are 4 steps you can take today to put your personal brand on max:

1. Don’t wait to get started.

When it comes to building your personal brand, don’t wait to start. The truth is, you already have a personal brand whether you’re aware of it or not. If you ask folks you know to choose 3 words to describe you or what you represent, chances are, the same words would keep coming up.

You have a reputation among the people who know you. You have a digital footprint on social media. There are perceptions and snap judgments that people make when they meet you. The culmination of all of that is your current personal brand.

Even if you currently work for someone else, be aware of your personal brand. This is the main asset you’ll be building on when you spring off on your own.

2. Do a personal brand analysis.


You don’t want to fake the funk so start with an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Check out your presence online and offline.

Google yourself. What is currently working for where you want to be and what isn’t? If you don’t have a website, at the very least, you don’t exist.

We all do business with people we know, like, and trust. This, too, comes from your personal brand.

3. Have a vision.

Make sure that you are thinking about yourself as a brand. What is your vision of how you want to be perceived? Is your personal brand in alignment with the people you want to serve? The brand leader of a business catering to young, hip, recent grads is going to be different than the brand leader who leads a tribe of empty nester mommies.

Start with what it is you want brand or business you want to build. What 3 words would would describe the person who had accomplished that goal?

For example, say you want to be a Natural Foods Blogger that takes hip hop green. The three words that might describe a person who is the face of such a brand might be, carefree, conscious and outgoing. Is your personal brand currently in alignment with that vision?

4. Build your platform to stand out.

When it comes to your personal branding, please don’t borrow or steal from anyone else. You want to be your own woman and stand out! Use your own story to let folks get to know the real you.

You also should have a website, social media profiles, professional photos, and content that is all in alignment!

Once, I was booked to speak at a women’s empowerment event and I was looking to give an opportunity to another motivational speaker. I checked out the Twitter account of the person as I was considering. She was making derogatory comments about somebody’s big nose and how fat another person was. This person, like me, was supposed to be a transformational life coach. Meanwhile, she was throwing her own personal branding way off with her negative online profile. Um, no thank you, Ma’am. Next!


5. Add value, add value, add value.

The most basic definition of being an entrepreneur is being someone who solves problems as a business. What problems do you solve for others? What value do you add to your tribe, your potential clients and customers?

Think in terms of service, and no matter what your business is, you will prosper.

Shine on, my business bombshell!

5 Brilliant Ways To Turn Up Your Personal Brand

Abiola Abrams, the Midwife for Your Inspired Life, is the author of the award-winning “Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love” and founder of the Sacred Business Academy’s “Become the Guru Bootcamp.” Get Abiola’s free Self-Worth Kit at

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