Tamika Fuller’s Friend Speaks About Custody War With Ludacris

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Chris “Ludacris” Bridges has sole custody of their child, but Tamika Fuller is not finished yet. The story of the pair has been well told in the media, but that is only one part of the story. Even though a judge denied her a new trial,  Tamika continues to press forward, taking on a GoFund Me account to help her sustain for fight for her daughter Cai Bella. Tamika hasn’t said a lot, but she has admitted that the ordeal has taken its toll on her. “My experience in the Atlanta court system fighting for custody of my daughter has almost destroyed me, but I won’t let that happen,” she said on her GoFundMe page. MommyNoire has an exclusive interview with a friend of Tamika and an associate of Luda named Yvette J. Yvette has been talking to us behind the scenes, but only now has she decided to speak up about the situation, particularly around Tamika’s state of being.

MommyNoire: First, what is Tamika’s state of mind?

Tamika is heartbroken. For the first two weeks after her child was taken away she needed physical help getting out of bed in the morning. She didn’t eat for three days straight. Me and her sister would come over and brush her hair, help her get ready. She was just lifeless.

Imagine going from sleeping with your baby for 15 months to not having her in your bed and knowing you would only see her eight or nine days out of the month for the next 16 or so years.

She experienced a deep depression from the separation and it doesn’t help that Chris won’t let her Facetime or talk with Cai during the week. She’s getting a little better but she only gets to see Cai one day a week and then on alternate weekends. Everytime Cai comes home all she wants to do is hug and cuddle as if she’s been deprived that all week. And every time Tamika drops her off at Chris’ gate she throws a fit. She drops her off at the gate because he doesn’t even want her to come to the house. I think it would be different if she felt Chris was devoted to Cai and she was getting everything she needed over there but that’s not the case.

There were lots of mixed feedback considering Tamika and Ludacris went to war in the media as well as the court systems. On top of that, we don’t often see men, even wealthy powerful ones, get full custody. Is there something we aren’t seeing or was Tamika just overpowered as she strongly suggested in her open letter?

Well first, if Tamika had her choice there would never have been a war in the court system or media. She never wanted to go to court, she was taken there by him. As far as the media there were so many untruths circulating about her that Chris’ camp had released from her being an unfit mother, to receiving 7,000 a month, to being a gold digger, etc. she really just wanted to clear up everything, so I don’t blame her for writing that essay or showing check stubs that Chris only made two payments of $1750, instead of the idea that she was making six figures a year off him. Who wants thousands of people in the world thinking you’re something you’re not? Unless you’ve gone through that you don’t know how frustrating it is. It’s easy to tell her to just go sit down and just let all these hurtful rumors continue to circulate and spread like wildfire, but it’s not happening to you.

As far as Chris winning custody, it was definitely about money and power.

First if you Google Ludacris and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, you’ll find at least 30 photos of them together, nobody should have that many pics with the mayor. He hired John Mayoue who was Usher’s lawyer. Everyone in Atlanta knows this lawyer has a 100 percent win record because he donates heavily to the judge’s campaigns and hangs out with them so they always side with him regardless of who has the best case, that’s why he has like a 100k retainer. Ludacris knew going into that trial he was going to win, you could just tell from his smug facial expressions. He seemed to enjoy every minute of tearing Tamika apart. There was so much dirt Tamika knew about Chris and she didn’t bring ANY of it up in court.

He is not remotely more fit to be a parent, the first judge knew it but had to recuse themselves because of conflict of interest with John Mayoue – surprise, surprise. With only three judges presiding over thousands of custody case files he has them all on lock, and at least some are more honorable than others by removing themselves from his cases. Chris slandered Tamika in court – subpoenaed her employment records, asked her for and brought up information going back to the 90s (and these cases are only supposed to focus on what is going on now and are only supposed to be concerned with the last three years of each parents life. That’s how far he had to go to find something.) They harassed her boss, her family, used the fact that she received food stamps briefly even though she qualified for at that time, I mean he went in for the kill, but again nothing that warranted having her child taken away. Where I’m from, judges don’t take primary custody away from mothers unless they’re like locking them in the basement, beating them with electrical cords and depriving them of food. It takes something really serious to tear a child away from their mother.

How was Tamika wronged in your opinion?

Having a court take away your daughter under the sole reasoning that you cut back to working part time after your maternity leave is unprecedented. And the other reasoning being something happened 20 years ago as a teenage mom, the idea that it would even play into this case. Imagine what Chris was doing 20 years ago – he was messing with gay porn stars (allegedly).

Who judges a 40-year-old woman by what she did when she was 18?

And there’s a million kids across the country whose grandparents help raise them, it’s not like she dropped her child off in the alley. Additionally, this case wasn’t about her eldest daughter it was about Cai, period. The judge just demeaned her. You can see on the video that was uploaded to YouTube when the judge said, “well you’re going to have to get a full time job Tamika and I don’t know what that will look like.” What the hell? Tamika has been working full time and overtime for the past two decades, but the judge couldn’t even visualize her having one?

I don’t fault her for not being able to go through with terminating the pregnancy just to please him. And remember this is a man that told Forbes he makes $12 million a year that’s $1 million a month. He is saying he can’t give Tamika $2000 a month? He would rather drag her through the mud and take the baby that he did not want. That’s like his phone bill, dude. I heard he pays $7000 a month to groom his dogs and $5000 to cut his grass.

Does this really say something about the court system and how it pits parents against each other?

Well, obviously custody cases pit parents against each other, they’re both fighting for the child and have to get dirty. The only difference is Tamika was fighting because she genuinely wanted her child.

Ludacris was playing a game. He never wanted that child, ever, from the time he begged her for an abortion to never even calling to ask how Cai was doing until the court trial began.

He just wanted to win and you can see from the messages leaked this has nothing to do with what’s best for Cai, it’s all about control. I mean how many times did he say in those messages: “I have primary custody I make decisions, you don’t.” That was totally about power, nothing else. He gets a kick out of just saying that, like: haha, you had that baby when I didn’t want you to and I took her from you and now if you want her to go to daycare you pay for it. Which is ridiculous because he first ridicules Tamika for not making enough then he rubs it in her face by way of daycare. This man gives hundreds of thousands to charities. Why is his own daughter’s daycare expense an issue for him?

How do you feel about Ludacris?

It’s not so much how I feel about him, it’s how I feel about Cai being with him. There are so many reasons she should have stayed with Tamika. Ludacris is always out of town, his wife won’t even touch the child. It came out in court that Eudoxie (Luda’s wife) actually admitted she would resent the baby.

What is the biggest misconception about Tamika?

There’s so many thanks to Ludacris’ PR team. Let’s see, that’s she’s a gold digger, she doesn’t work, she’s an unfit mother, she abandons children, dates drug kingpins, she thought this baby was a cash cow, I mean the list goes on. He has this lawyer who spends her entire days leaking untruths to the media, she gets a kick out of it and the more conflict between the two the more she gets paid. Like she spends all day on the comment boards trying to start negativity – I remember a few times she forgot to post anonymously. He also hired Your Virtual Assistants, an online media strategy company that has an entire team that monitors the online reputation of celebs, leaves tons of commentary under posts related to the celeb, etc. The idea that they could leak anything and it becomes truth. For instance, this rumor that Tamika’s eldest daughter’s father was a drug dealer. When she was with him he was a mechanic working at Sears trying to be a barber. Years down the road after they had broken up he may have got involved with illegal activities but if you read these comments you would think Tamika was literally hiding his heroin under the mattress.

What other things are you able to tell people that they may not know?

Tamika wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning after usually only getting four hours sleep. She drives an hour to an hour and a half to her job depending on the traffic then comes home to an empty house.

Cai’s bedroom is empty, she can’t even go in there anymore.

And on top of getting her baby taken away she has all these evil commenters and gossip bloggers just crushing her. All I know is there are a thousand razors up there waiting for these people.

 Thank you for your time. Any final words?

If you want to help Tamika please consider donating to her GoFundMe she just filed her paperwork for her 501(c) to help other low income mothers and also needs money for her attorneys fees to try to appeal verdict. She’s steadily saving her money to show the judge she has enough income to support a child. The truth is she needs a new judge because there’s no way this judge tied into Mayoue will ever side in her favor. Even if you Google Judge Doris Downs you’ll see all the links about her corruption (Yvette shared the following links – here and here). Why she’s still a judge is beyond my comprehension. This same judge awarded a meth addict mother custody of her two kids in the trial immediately preceding Tamika’s, which translates to this was obviously a biased ruling….unless you think Tamika cutting back to working part time after her maternity leave is equivalent to using a schedule II controlled substance.

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