Jaden Smith Wears Dresses…So Will Is Under Scrutiny?

April 21, 2015  |  

“My randomness is what you jokers fall in love with.” -Jaden Smith

I took my phone and I gave it to my daughter after asking her if she had seen Jaden Smith’s recent move being shared virally. Without being nudged in either direction, she gave a visceral “Ew” of disapproval. See, she and I have been fans of Jaden and his equally provocative sibling Willow since forever. (Read:Why Jaden And Willow Smith Are Geniuses) To this day, we talk about how much he and Justin Bieber, who collaborated for the “Karate Kid” soundtrack, have changed. On this move, we chatted briefly about it, because Jaden was wearing a mini-skirt in the streets of California.

Make not-one-mistake about it, I am not that guy that steadily goes around co-signing the dress-wearing movement in men. At this point in time…I’m mostly indifferent with a side of the traditional. I appreciate dresses on the curves of a woman. On the flip side, I do my best to allow my daughter to have the ability to form her own views and opinions, because the world is changing. Kids like Jaden and my own live in a very different world than I grew up in. Rappers are wearing dresses, for goodness sake. I run a website, AllHipHop.com, that covers rappers like dress-wearer Young Thug, who would not have made it in the 1990’s.

Will Smith was nobody’s thug, but he was always a free thinker since coming out in the Hip-Hop’s Golden Era (The 1980’s). When emcees were rapping “keep that crossover BS,” he made the concerted effort to go mainstream. Mentally, I’ve always seen Will as a man without boundaries in just about every aspect. I also saw him angrily slap a dude for trying to kiss him on the red carpet. So, I think its clear that “anything goes” is not exactly how Will rolls. I do get the puzzled face when people suggest that somehow Will has failed as a father because his son wears dresses.

First of all, Jaden is reared where social attention is a reward and your relevance is often rooted in how virally your moves get shared. So, I tend to Kanye-shrug when people applaud that the 16-year-old is so comfortable in his manhood, he can wear a dress or that he’s redefining gender roles. I mean, to my absolute glee, dude wore an all-White Batman to Kanye and Kim’s wedding. I still google it to this day for laughs. Modern kids and millenials get social rewards in “likes” and validation comments under articles. An insider told me this is what Jaden is doing, but I don’t know for certain.

So, I showed a hippie friend of mine the most recent images of Jaden in a dress coupled with a crown of flowers at the coveted Coachella festival and she said, “What’s wrong with it?” I never said anything was wrong with it. I simply asked her opinion. She responded with, “Maybe he’s looking to get some attention or something.” At this point in time, who cares. This isn’t the revolution. This is clicks and retweets. This is a platform for Facebook users to “SMH” or pontificate back and forth. Meanwhile, in his way, Jaden steps up the tabloid ladder.

Back in the day, De La Soul was weird and they proclaimed their movement the D.A.I.S.E.Y Age. PM Dawn and Arrested Development had their own uniqueness and they all challenged the norms with conviction. Furthermore, they backed it up with great music. Lord knows, Jaden can rap very well, but his dresses get more attention. Man, I don’t care about his dresses. They don’t move me at all. If anything is “wrong,” I would say, more people should pay attention to his latest songs. They are really good.


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