We Need A Million Parent March, But Who Would Come?

April 13, 2015  |  

(Unarmed Walter Scott runs for his life…Michael Slager aims to kill.)

It is high time that somebody organizes a Million Parent March for Justice. Certainly, leaders like Rev. Al or Minister Louis Farrakhan can galvanize their respective constituents into some protest for kids and mourning families? I’m sure they could, but there is a catch. Are the parents ready for such a movement in the interest of standing up for their own kids. Our kids?

I don’t think so.

We have seen the parents of tragedy transformed into activists making pleas for change in the community. A leader, whoever they may be, is only as good as the audience they can command. I’m starting to think that Darren Wilson (Mike Brown’s killer) and Michael Slager (Walter Scott’s executioner) are going to have to kill the majority of our sons and daughters before we get fired up enough to make a change.

Walter Scott was the 300th person shot and killed by the police this year. And the number is steadily rising. What more do we need to hear?

Most of the people that I know at this point in my life are either parents or those that aspire to have children. About nine months ago, we saw the inhumane murder of young Mike Brown and watched his killer get off with a profit and a pension (through is bride). Between those two tragic moments, we have seen scores of unarmed people (mostly Black males) die at the hand of overly aggressive, seeming bloodthirsty or cowardly law officials. There is a revolution rising, but there are only a few leading the charge, most of which are young.

This we know. But there is another side to parental silence.

On my social media, I tend to post a lot, with great variety. What annoys me is the relative quiet from everybody when there is a tragedy like Walter Scott, Mike Brown, Michael Bell or Trayvon Martin (etc, etc, etc). Then there are scores smaller, lower profile cases in cities like Wilmington, DE, Philadelphia, Chicago, the mid-West and other places. There are also incidents of Black-On-Black crime that needs addressing, which is never, ever to deflect or respond to the scourge of police brutality.

Post a box of kittens and there are 100 likes/comments, but post something social relevant that truly affects lives…crickets. Our children – yes OUR children – are under assault from all fronts and all these parents want to do is stay quiet and meek, praying “they” don’t call their home with bad news. The bleeding must stop and it must stop soon.

I was saddened and disheartened to see the response of Walter Scott’s mother, who offered an old school Christian take on her son’s death. “I have forgiveness in my heart,” Judy Scott explained to Anderson Cooper. She also castigated the “dirty” police for doing this before. We’ve got to to get angry, seek justice and we have to raise hell over this. The time for forgiveness will come…but much later. And forgetting is not an option.

Praying alone will not save us.


That number stings, especially when Americans (even Black folk) claim that we are now living in a post racial America. That’s Uncle Tomfoolery if I ever heard it. In March alone, a Black person was killed by police about every 21 hours. What stings even more is the quietness that has fallen over parents of color. We are the very ones that need to lead the charge with a vengeance.

Do we think that if we bury our heads in the dirt that we’ll be safe?
Do we secretly believe that things will get better on their own?
Are we too busy to fight for our kids?
Or worse…Do WE feel that subconsciously that these Black Lives Do Not Matter?

“Your silence will not protect you.” – Audre Lorde

I cannot fathom not using my voice and platforms to speak out. I hope the silence simply means that families are having private conversations among themselves about this epidemic of brutality. What would be better if they took their displeasure public and continually spread the word so we can take this up a notch into a million people walking in the capital. Have have to do this – whether the “child” is 50 or 15 – they are somebody’s child.

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