Older Women Love Bryshere Gray, And Hakeem From Empire

March 18, 2015  |  

Fox’s hit TV show, “Empire,” is on fire!

Recently, newcomer Bryshere Gray, 21, who plays the youngest of the Lyon sons, the fearless and arrogant rapper Hakeem, visited Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning. Though full of charm, Gray was the opposite of his boastful TV character.

During the Hot 97 interview, they talked all things “Empire,” his upcoming album with Timbaland, and about all the attention he’s getting from older women…which he’s not mad about.

Since his character Hakeem is dating an older woman, “Camilla,” played by supermodel Naomi Campbell, Gray said that trend is possibly spilling over into his real life as well. “I just gotta smile,” was his comment.

“I”m doing my thing, period,” says Gray of his real-life fun. “I”m in Miami, I”m in Brazil…” Gray says social media (he’s on Instagram using his rap name, YazzTheGreat) has heightened the number of women that approach him daily on Twitter and Instagram. “The DM’s (direct messages) are crazy, but the older women are crazy too, people’s grandmom’s are coming up to me too!”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gray says:

Speaking of older women, Hakeem has been in a relationship with Camilla for awhile now, but he was pursuing Tiana pretty hard. What’s the major difference between those relationships at this point?

Tiana is [someone] that he’s playing with, and he’s starting to catch feelings for her. Of course, it would be a perfect match for Hakeem to be with Tiana, but Hakeem really, deeply, truly loves Camilla [and] there’s a lot of envious, petty things going on. Hakeem got caught in the hot tub with Camilla, so Tiana does a stunt to get Hakeem ticked off.


He also spoke to The Hollywood Reporter as well about his music career:

You were an artist first, outside of the show. How much of your own style are you bringing to Hakeem and his music?

In the first episode I wrote all of Hakeem’s music, but I had to sit back, and I had to learn from the best. I’m learning from Timbaland; I’m working with Jim Beanz as a songwriter; and I’m playing right now, so it’s a great opportunity.

Do you find that your experience working on the show is influencing the songs you’re now writing for your own album?

Yeah, when me and Terrence [Howard] get in the vans going home after working long hours on set, and we’ll be writing songs, calling Jussie like, “Yo, we got this great hook, we want you to sing it!” I’ll do the verse as Hakeem. It’s like a family musical both on set and off set.

Hakeem is becoming known in the world of the show for some controversial moments — his rant about Obama, an upcoming song that is anti-women — but who is he really as an artist?

Hakeem, you know him by just being a spoiled, young brat. He’s the child of a billionaire who doesn’t have any guidance on being a man in this world, so he gets advice and his strategies from mistakes he makes in life. He’s very reckless. He’s a kid that’s trying to grow, so you get to see him grow in front of your eyes. He doesn’t think when he says things. It’s challenging, but I learn from people like Will Smith, and he gives me advice, saying like, “If you ever feel like you can’t find it or you feel embarrassed when you’re doing something, don’t feel embarrassed; you’re bringing real life on camera.”


Catch more of Bryshere Gray on Empire, airing every Wednesday at 9pm on FOX.

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