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It’s 2015 and there has been a major shift in traditional gender roles and expectations for both men and women. Long gone are the days when women only stayed at home poppin’ out babies, scrubbing floors with a toothbrush and waiting by the door with a hot meal for their husbands. Us ladies are hitting the road and bringing home the bread, cheese, and the bacon—sometimes even more than our men. And when it comes to relationships, more and more females are doing away with the “shy girl hiding in the corner waiting for her crush to make the first move;” oh yes, women are pouncing on these brothas like a mean shoe sale on Black Friday.

So since the new millennium has produced so many aggressive, go-getting females who have adopted what used to be considered just “manly” qualities, is it safe to say that it should be just as normal for a woman to propose to a man as it is for a man to pop the question to a woman? Well, it’s certainly becoming more common as the years progress. If you’re a fan of (ratchet) reality TV, then you’ve probably seen this occurrence between Love & Hip Hop‘s Chrissy Lampkin and her “baaaaallllin'” boo Jim Jones. And who could forget when Joseline Hernandez put a ring on her precious Stevie “Steebie” J? Even women like Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson have proposed to their men. So hey, why not?

If you know you have a good one and you’re ready to flee the market (this does not apply to the Stevie J reference), where’s the harm, right? Umm, yeah, I guess…but then there’s tradition. I’ve heard some women say that they would NEVER propose to a man because some things should just be left conventionally. And I understand. It takes a lot of courage and confidence for a woman to put herself out there and ask for a man’s hand in marriage when we’ve been conditioned that it should always be the other way around.

Pretty much every young girl dreams of the day when her prince charming will sweep her off her feet with the bend of a knee and a rock of a ring. We want to be moved and wooed. (Basically we need another reason to show off and brag to our friends. But that didn’t come from me.) So what women would want to crush that fairytale? Well, if man is stalling and you’re tired of waiting, what’s wrong with going after what you want? To each [her] own.

With that being said: ladies, would you ever propose to your man?


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