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My dearest Imani,

You will never have a true idea of how deeply I love you, although I will do my best to make sure that you do. There are no words that can encompass my love for you, for how much I wanted you ,and for how grateful I AM for the blessing you are bringing to my life.

You, who came into my dreams two years before you were conceived…You, who with a wealth of mental and physical odds stacked against you – odds manifested by myself and your father like age, mental and physical health, drinking and smoking and “rock star” lifestyles of short days and long nights decided that in spite of all of that, it was time anyway and you were ready to be here. I could not say no to you and make the same choice I‘d made before under similar circumstances – to return you to the ether. You, my beloved Imani Grace, came for a purpose that I, in my limited human wisdom, am not equipped to judge.

Simply, you choose to come now, when the world is burning.  Truth be told in historical context, unfortunately, our human world is always burning. But now, during this time of a deep paradigm shift, when societal veils are being lifted, with old ways and means being exposed, explored and redefined, your birth approaches. Again, the purpose in your timing speaks volumes to me.

See, your mama is a A real “peace and love, spiritual but non-religious, tree hugging, earthing and meditating, Einstein and Tesla quoting, Reiki and energy facilitating, chakra balancing, art and Hip Hop and human being supporting, love wielding, light working” hippie. And all that means, really, is that I AM a believer in all that manifests as having a reason and a purpose and a season. I am a believer in life as a series of lessons designed to help our spirits grow.

Lessons that I’ve personally learned like:

The word and the deed must always match. In the event that they don’t, pay close attention to the deed, actions do not lie. And so by default that means, always do your best to keep YOUR word if you give it.

Life is a paradox which is why, for example, beginnings are also endings, and endings are also beginnings. Take comfort in that.

Forgiveness releases and frees YOU. So hold no grudges, harbor no anger and forgive those who trespass against you. Do not allow those who hurt you the space in your mind or spirit.

Why? Because it’s not usually about you so don’t take it personal. We are all fighting our own battles, and some will see you as an enemy and some will see you as a friend.

So, choose your battles, and your friends, wisely.

Because what you allow is what will continue, and will let people know how they should treat you.

And, what we give energy to is what grows.

So, promote and give energy to what you love as opposed to bashing what you hate.

Lastly, always speak the truth as you see it. Find a way to do it in the most gentle way possible, but speak the truth nonetheless. People may not like it, but they will respect it, and respect you for it.

Baby girl, the times, they are a’changin..our society is shifting and we, as human beings, are evolving and growing. Growth is painful but always necessary and so must never be feared. And you are choosing me as your vessel, and here and now to arrive, and for that I thank you.

I love you mama, more than you’ll ever truly know.





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