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Still looking for new love as Valentine’s Days passes? Then it’s time for a revamp! Not to your ‘do, but your dating profile!  Break out of your rut with these five helpful — and oh, so easy — hints, tips and tweaks that will have you scoring more flirts, having more fun and (fingers crossed) finding your match in 2015! Ready, set…CLICK!

1. It’s time to scrap the selfies! Every photo you upload to your profile should say something about who you are. The only thing a selfie says is: “I like to take pictures of myself.” And more than one selfie says: “All I do is take pictures of myself;” which is unappealing on many levels. So ditch the duck face and the sultry smize, and save those pics for Instagram.

2. Full body shots are a must have. Repeat: MUST HAVE. It’s not enough to just say that you’re “average” or “athletic and toned.” You have to show it…before you two meet in person. Besides, one man– or woman’s “curvy” could be another’s “few extra pounds.” Be ready to show ’em what you’re working with, but DON’T settle for the mirror selfie. Bathrooms and gyms are so not sexy. Add the phone in your hand and the whole thing just reeks of desperation– with a tinge of conceit. If you can’t find a flattering full body photo, ask a friend to snap a few for you, or invest in a selfie kit with a tripod and remote. It’s well worth it.

3. It’s 2015. We get it. Work. Kids. The played out bar scene. You don’t have to explain why you’re “resorting to” online dating. It’s just how things are done these days. So making excuses just tells people that A. You’re  a little out of touch and/or B. Not only are you embarrassed about being there, but they should be too. True, there are lots of people who actually feel the same way you do. But that’s something you can learn about each other after you make contact. Don’t broadcast it in your profile and turn off the hundreds of people who feel no shame in their game.

4. It’s common knowledge. One of the biggest dating no-no’s is throwing the “L” word out there too soon. That includes using it in your dating profile. (Yes, really!) “I love this…,” “I love that…”  Whether you mean to or not (and we’re assuming you don’t), using the word love a lot sends the message that you’re a woman who, well– loves…a lot. And fast. That doesn’t mean that you have to downplay your feelings; just change your lingo. Break out the thesaurus, and instead of telling them what you “love,” tell them what you’re passionate about; the things you devote your time to; the things you like. Still an “L” word, but not so damaging.

5. When you’re dating, you’re inviting someone into your life. So it’s important to show them that you actually have one. You don’t have to be a social butterfly, but it helps to know that you’re not a shut-in either. Give them a glimpse at your world. Either sum it up in a few sentences, say it in snapshots, or both. But don’t do it with a hundred pics of meals that you’ve made or eaten at different restaurants. It’s great that you can cook — and eat. We don’t need it documented. And those group pics of you and your girls? One is ok, but remember, those photos are the online equivalent of all of you walking into a club together. Each member of your crew suddenly becomes your competition. Not getting any interest is hard enough. But there’s nothing more disappointing than getting a message from a guy asking about your girlfriend’s “situation” and if he can get her number.

Go into 2015 thinking NEW! New year. New outlook. New possibilities. But still be YOU!

Hey mamas! Are you giving online dating another chance in 2015?



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