Love on Top: The Two Most Important Gifts on Christmas

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Christmas for adults is not the same as our early childhood introduction. My first memories of Christmas are of decorating the house, getting everything I asked Santa for, and spending time with family, eating well. I became an adult in the last decade, and as an adult I am now responsible for my own life. To live, I have to eat. To eat, I must work. To work, I have to be clothed, healthy, and sheltered. Life can get VERY expensive! I do not have the financial resources to be frivolous, but there are two very important free gifts that I can and will give myself this Christmas. For all the adults, like me, having to prioritize your monthly bills, your savings, and your children ahead of the vacation and/or the new 60in smart TV, I promise with these two gifts you will still enjoy your holiday.

The first gift I am giving myself this Christmas is a “peace of mind,” which is a state of being without worries. Worrying about tomorrow or the past undone is a distraction sure to defeat any chances you have to succeed in the here and now.

The thing I do to gain a peace of mind is tell myself the truth. Honesty is the best policy, because it helps me understand where I am in life, what really matters, and what I can toss to the wind.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and one can only eat, sleep, work, and interact with others to a certain degree of balance. When one of these things takes up more time than required, consider yourself crazy. Yes, the opposite of “a peace of mind” is crazy Point-Blank-Period. I can waste time worrying and fantasizing about tomorrow as much as I want, but that does not change today. What changes today is letting go of all expectations and dealing with what is real, right now, and true.

Once I have surrendered to the truth about my life’s standings, I can move onto the next steps to achieving “a peace of mind.” The second step is trusting God. If you believe in God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, the Universe, whomever your higher power is, you must trust that you are where you need to be, because God is in control and has given you everything you need to succeed in this moment. Point-Blank-Period. I am a Christian, and I believe Jesus died so that I may have life not worries more abundantly.

The final step of gaining a ‘peace of mind” is implementing the “power of no.” We all have needs, pleasures, and loved ones, but we cannot do and be everything all at the same time. It is truly important that we put our facemask on first to ensure that we are here tomorrow to help the next man. Just say No! If you cannot do it, don’t do it. You cannot do what you cannot do. Trying to please everybody and your unnecessary flesh will leave you broken, empty, and crazy. The word “No” is the key to your peace. And peace for Christmas is EVERYTHING.

The second gift I will be giving myself this Christmas is love. There are many different definitions for love. I live by the biblical principles that love is a commandment not a fleeting feeling. Love is a commandment that we must choose to give to ourselves and others. First, I am choosing to love me, because if I don’t love me, there will be no me to love God, my husband, my kids, and the world. Or, I will exist, but in a broken state without the ability to commit to loving others. So this Christmas, I choose to love me first. What does this mean? It means that I will take care of myself, so that I am at my best when I wake up everyday.

As an adult I must be kind to myself, encourage myself, love on myself, and teach others how I want to be loved. In choosing to give myself the gift of love this Christmas, it means that I will not engage with or react to any person, place, or thing that disturbs the peace I have found. Choosing to love myself means that I will prioritize my health and my time, my two greatest assets. This may mean that I have to make some tough decisions about where I go and with whom I engage, but I know in the long run that peace and love are the gifts that keep on giving.

To recap: No, you may not be able to get a new car, couch, or Gucci purse this Christmas, but along with wise financial decisions you can make healthy choices about your wellbeing that will keep you all smiles and blessings come December 25 and after. Be honest with yourself, have faith, love yourself up with quiet time, good food and positive people.

Say no to the trolls and you will have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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