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I remember a time when Christianity and Halloween were on opposite sides of the spectrum. I was raised under the guise that Halloween was a pagan holiday rooted in witchcraft and evil. There was no speak of costumes, carving pumpkins, or trick or treating in my house.

I never thought twice about my upbringing and the things I was taught about Halloween until I became a parent and was faced with requests to dress up for Halloween and go trick or treating.  I blatantly ignored my son’s request to dress up and knock on doors for candy as long as I could while I gathered my thoughts on whether I was ready to explain to my child why he wouldn’t be participating in such activities because I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween.

The past few years I’ve spent time really thinking about and stepping away from some of the things that were instilled in me as a child. I’ve looked for answers to some of the questions that I never received as a child. Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that Halloween is what parents make of it. I explain to my children that in our house Halloween is a fun time to use their imaginations and dress in fun costumes. I have mentioned to them that I don’t like ghosts and some of the other ghoulish facets of Halloween and that we don’t celebrate that aspect of Halloween.

I’ve come across many Christians who still believe the same things that were taught to me as a child, yet these same people will take their children to church for “Trunk or Treat.” I often find myself questioning their actions in my head thinking, if Halloween is so bad in the eyes of some Christians, what makes it okay for the church to model an activity after something that is considered to be demonic. Churches will allow children to come dressed in costumes to receive candy, I’ve even heard of some allowing children to bob for apples and from my understanding the background behind that activity is based on a form of witchcraft.

I have found that with many things in Christianity there is a gray area. This gray area seems to make things okay with a change in wording or the look of something in an effort to make it fit into the mold that is Christianity. As a Christian I disagree, if you are saying Halloween is bad then have nothing to do with it or its likeness.

Can someone be a good Christian and celebrate Halloween?

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