Kamikaze Parents: They’re Trying To Take Everybody Out!

October 24, 2014  |  


There is a new, dangerous breed of parent.

The Kamikaze Parent.

The Kamikaze was a type of Japanese solider in the 1940’s that loaded his plane full of explosives and flew it into his enemy’s base or ship, killing himself and as many of his foe’s as possible. It was considered an honorable way to die.

The Kamikaze Parent is one that has considers the the other parent or even the kids their enemy and will go at great lengths to bring sorrow and misery to all they can touch. It is considered a dishonorable way to live.

A friend of mine – lets call her Dawn – is going through a rough time in life. She’s actually not really going through a rough time – its the child that is going through it. The father – her ex-husband – is extremely dissatisfied with the terms of just about everything they have been going through in the last few year. This includes child support, alimony, her dating life, and the fact that Dawn no longer communicates with him about anything other than the child. When she needs to speak to him, she uses email or text. Her ex – lets call him Danny – has not been the best guy.

Danny sabotaged their life before the divorce was over. He ruined her credit, his credit and attempted to turn their two kids against her whens she began to falter under the stress of the divorce. There is more to that stress, but at this point, all of it is in the not-so-distant past of three years. Since their divorce was official, Danny has tried to sweet talk his way back in, but he’s failed. Dawn is polite, but firm that nothing will ever happen with them again. For all intent and purposes, Danny tried to kill her mentally and spiritually and now thinks he deserves a shot to do it all over again.

When she started dating, it drove him over the edge and now she’s making her life a living hell. He’s not working so he’s got nothing to do but stew over her.

He’s basically decided that his mission in life is to take the kids out, the mother Dawn out and even the surrounding family. He is bent on making everybody miserable around him, because happiness has eluded him and he knows he lost a winning lottery ticket aka a very good women. Did mention he cheated?

Dude is a straight up Kamikaze. “My life is over, but I am going to take you with me!”

Dawn stresses good health and exercise to the kids.

Danny feeds the kids junk food and lets them sit around.

Dawn tries to talk to Danny directly about the kids and is resolute on keeping them out of the middle.

Danny uses the kids has human spy machines to investigate what Dawn is doing.

Dawn avoids conflict in general.

Danny causes it and lets it play out in front of the children.

You get the picture.

I know this concept isn’t new, but I’m feeling this Kamikaze Parent is a testament to the lengths that a parent will go to destroy the other parent, ultimately causing harm to the kid. And, depending on the parent, this crazy Kamikaze can actually do harm to the other parent as well.

The fact of the matter, the Kamikaze knows no gender.

I know a woman that literally moved to ALASKA so that her ex-husband couldn’t see his kids. Now, I don’t know what kind of lawyer he had, but he was definitely sleeping. Another female that was married stole huge sums of money from her ex-husband and it was perfectly legal since they were married. I know another women that lied about domestic abuse and then tried to get her ex-husband arrested in front of their young child. For the record, I know quite a few “Danny’s” that do plenty of dirt that causes nothing but harm to their former mate and kids.

The parental ineptitude these folks have knows no bounds and quite frankly, they are bullies that seek any way possible to bring calamity to everybody’s life.

Here’s what you can NOT do.

1) Punch them in the mouth and then stuff a dirty sock down their throat.

No, you simply cannot do this, even though the urge may strike you. You must maintain some poise and at times, your own mouth shut. Negativity feeds itself. Positivity won’t necessarily “starve” them, but they definitely will have a tough time with the one-person argument.

2) When things cool off, run up on them when they take the trash out.

This course of action will just create a bigger issue and possibility get you jail time. When things cool of, I recommend you finding a moment to have a civil conversation. Even though these Kamikaze Parents are trying to destroy your live and perpetuate a vicious cycle in the kids, there are moments when they are receptive to reason. Try it.

3) Hire somebody to maul them.

Now, you already know that mauling just doesn’t work in 2014. It will only get you on “Dateline” or some hidden camera show. You absolutely cannot hire a hit man, but you can hire a counselor. For about $150 an hour you can hire somebody to do family counseling. This could actually help talk the Kamikaze out of creating havoc with you and those on the periphery. It may not help them. I personally would advise focusing on the kids to ensure their well-being.

4) Leave the country.

Clearly, you can leave the country but then the kids would be mortified to lose their one good parent. They’d be stuck with this miserably socio-psychopath! You have to keep your distance from that person and therefore reduce the instances that you interact. Don’t leave the country.

5) Cry! Cry! Cry!

Actually, don’t cry. These people WANT to break you and actually find joy in the destruction of others. If you really need to cry, find a friend and boo-hoo to them. Furthermore, if they have a way to hurt you verbally or otherwise, they will continuously exploit that at no end. Generally, they are cowards that pick on the weak, or those they know cannot do anything. You may have to call the police or other authorities to properly deal with them.

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