Hair Are Us Founders: How To Wear A Weave

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If you’ve decided it’s time to try a weave or you already wear a weave and are not satisfied with it, this is the interview you should read! Khat Rabbani and Ashley Williams have been running their business, Hair Are Us, for four years and they’ve turned selling products from their cars into a thriving online business selling hair extensions and three salons in Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles. Plus, they just launched a product line, Tresses, which features shampoo, conditioner, curling creme, Argan oil serum, and a leave in conditioner, which will maximize luster, shine and manageability.

With their company being known for quality hair and supreme customer service, we thought these enterprising ladies would be a great source on how to pick the best hair, washing and caring for your weave, installing the hair, key tips for sleeping with a weave, and so much more. Get into this advice before you have that new weave installed.

Hair Are Us Founders: How To Wear A Weave


How are your extensions different from other brands? 

HRU: While there are many new hair companies surfacing every day, we manage to set ourselves apart from all the others by maintaining quality control and staying ahead of the curve by introducing new textures of extensions as well as instillation methods. We don’t think it is the extensions that make us special, but more so the customer care and education we put behind our product.

When people think of extensions, I think they think you can be extra lazy about taking care of them, then they’re surprised when they hair is matted or smells, etc. What are your suggestions for washing, drying and overall maintenance?

HRU: Now we’re talking, lol! This is where our education becomes vital, in that communicating with weave “newbies” or our lovely clientele in general. We’re constantly informing them about the importance of why and how to maintain their extensions. Overall, we want them to grasp the understanding that the better you take care of your extension the longer they will last.

Here are the key tips!

1. Re-sealing the wefts of the extensions with a weft sealer before instillation or even having your stylist sew around the wefts versus poking through them with needle and or thread will insure minimal-to-no-shedding during the term of wearing your extensions.

2. Washing and conditioning on a weekly to bi-weekly basis is always a necessity. Product build up, sweat and natural oils need to be removed to keep the hair looking and feeling weightless and bouncy.

3. If you’re wearing a sew-in installation, it’s imperative to make sure your extensions dry properly; whether that is allowing your braids underneath and the hair to fully air dry throughout the day or using a blow/hooded dryer. Never sleep on your natural, wet braided down hair because it will eventually produce an awful mildew smell that will be very hard to get rid of.

4. Using heat protective spray before applying thermal irons is very important to prevent heat damage.

5. Co-washing (conditioning the hair only) in between shampooing your extensions is great for the prevention of tangling. This is especially important when wearing curly textured extension due to its high maintenance.

6. Sleeping on a satin pillow case or with a satin scarf will help protect the ends of the hair from drying out and splitting versus sleeping on cotton, which absorbs the moisture your hair needs.

7. If the hair has been color treated or exposed to excessive heat, a protein treatment should be applied to the hair extensions every four to six weeks.

8. Use a daily leave-in conditioner. This will help keep the extensions moisturized regularly. Also apply a little Argan serum to lock in and seal the moisture. Check out our maintenance product line at

What are your suggestions for sleeping with extensions? If you braid at night and want a straight style, how should you achieve that in the morning?

HRU: We wouldn’t suggest for you to braid down the hair the night before to achieve a straight hair style for the very next day. If the hair is braided down during the night, by morning when it’s time to unbraid it, it will have many wave-like indentations. Therefore, you’d have to flat iron or blow dry the indentations out to achieve a straight look. The hair should already be straightened prior and the nightly regimen should be wrapping the hair in a circular motion and securing it with bobby pins or a satin scarf. Therefore, by the next morning when you unwrap the hair, it will fall in straight, effortless style.

How much hair should be “left out” when getting a weave?

HRU: The amount of “leave out” is all about individual preference. What is considered plenty of hair left out to someone may be a little to someone else.

How often should women get a sew-in, and what about the breaks in-between?

HRU: We suggest women allow two to four weeks before re-installing your next sew-in. Excessive braiding and sewing on your natural hair can cause tension on the scalp and hair strands which can lead to hair loss and breakage. Also, anytime after removing an install, we highly recommend a protein treatment on one’s natural hair to restore its strength after being braided and sewn up for such a lengthy period of time. Quickly following that, a deep moisturizing conditioner would be suitable to balance and soften the hair.

Sew-in’s are so convenient, especially for busy moms and women in general. What are three tips we should remember when considering a weave/sew-in style?

HRU: First, be sure to consult with yourself and stylist to choose the right texture and length of extensions that FITS your daily lifestyle. Next, even though extensions can take more of a beating than the actual hair follicles on your head, still try your best to give them good maintenance to ensure its luster and longevity. Lastly, go for it! Enjoy the freedom of giving your real hair a break from it all!

For more information, visit Hair Are Us and Tresses.

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