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Your Money: Computer-Chipped Credit Card Blocks Hackers

Have you received a new credit card recently? Noticed anything different? There’s a computer-chip now in new credit cards that will make fraudulent behavior harder and give you less worries. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation by 2015 all credit cards will be chipped.

“…microchips are more difficult to falsely manufacture than magnetic strips. In addition, unlike the strip, the magnetic chip’s authorization code changes with every single transaction. Hackers will be chasing a moving target, which makes it quite difficult to break into an account,” reports

With these new and improved cards, will there be any downfalls? No, not really, the main change you may see is the need to enter a pin code much like you for your debit card. But entering four-digits sound like a good trade-off for better protection.


Your Health: Eat Fish, Save Your Hearing

Aging is something all women are concerned about and for decades we’ve been told that eating more fish is good for you. A new study reveals why fish is so good and what it helps to save. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that eating at least two servings of fish per week can help prevent or delay hearing loss

“Although a decline in hearing is often considered an inevitable aspect of aging, the identification of several potentially modifiable risk factors has provided new insight into possibilities for prevention or delay of acquired hearing loss,” Dr. Sharon Curhan, of the hospital’s Division of Network Medicine, said in a hospital news release.

But beware, your everyday finds of frozen farmed tilapia or salmon are not the way to go. Due to how they are raised, these farmed fish often lack the nutrients that make them good for you. So when you can, buy wild-caught and cook up some healthy fun for you and your family.

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Your Black America: We Have Not Forgotten Ferguson

A new cell phone video of two contractors nearby the shooting of Mike Brown is causing more unrest and speculation. The contractor is heard in the two-minute clip stating Brown had his hands up and back turned when the bullets flew. As the Justice Department continues their investigation of the Ferguson Police Department this video gives new insight supporting other witnesses claims.

A grand jury will soon hear the case and determine if shooter, Officer Darren Wilson, will face any charges. However many are already questioning the validity of the jury selected for the case which includes one black man, two black women, six white men and three white women.

“The demographics roughly reflect the racial breakdown of St. Louis County’s population, which is about 24 percent black and about 68 percent white,” wrote the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

We are rallying that justice will be served for the Brown family.


How do you feel about the Jury selection in Mike Brown’s Case? 

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