No Condoms Necessary? Male Birth Control May Soon Be Coming in 2017

September 10, 2014  |  

“Girl, they need to make birth control for men.  I’m tired of taking these pills!”

“I know! I’m bloated, breaking out and my breast are sore.”

Most ladies have had some form of the above conversation. Ready and waiting for the day the responsibility of birth control falls more on the men than the women. Well, a new drug, Vasagel, may be answering wishes.

Vasagel, an injection that stops sperm from exiting a man’s penis, is having a medical breakthrough in its study on Baboons. Three male baboons were injected with Vasagel and given unrestricted access to 10 -15 female Baboons each to mate with.  The primates have been mating over the past six months and zero female baboons have gotten pregnant after intercourse.

What does this mean?

It’s going good! Researchers are happy and plan to begin testing on humans next year, believing that by 2017 their new sperm-blocking formula will be ready.

The Parsemus Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on developing low-cost medical approaches and is behind this new revolutionary procedure. The successful animal study has also come with new funding from Davide and Lucile Packard Foundation that is speeding along the research process.

What’s more? The developers are working to make the contraception budget-friendly.

“Vasalgel’s developer is committed to making it affordable and widely available—close to cost in low-income countries, and less than current long-acting contraceptives in the U.S.—but until the process is further along we won’t know exactly how much it will cost. We’ll have to charge enough to make the company sustainable, but for sure it won’t be $800 like long-acting contraceptives (IUDs) for women in the U.S. A contraceptive shouldn’t cost more than a flat-screen TV!”

The prospects of this new drug could cause, quite a stir and Parsemus has already carved out its ideal market.

The Parsemus Foundation’s messaging on Vasalgel has focused on making the technology appealing to men. In a New York Times op-ed published this year, Elaine Lissner of the Parsemus Foundation pitches the product to “a 20-something or 30-something man, out on the dating market” who is worried about the effectiveness of the pill, given how many women forget to take pills during any given cycle. Long-term treatments like Vasalgel are much less appealing to potential funders in the pharmaceutical industry who, as they observe, would much rather “sell pills to men’s partners every month.” Why sell a flat-screen television to a man, after all, when you can rent one to a woman for a decade?

If Vasalgel were to become as widespread and inexpensive as the Parsemus Foundation expects, unintended pregnancies could be substantially reduced. According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly half of pregnancies in the United States are unintended. That figure rises to 80 percent of all pregnancies among women age 19 and younger, and to 90 percent below age 15. The physical, financial, and emotional toll of an unintended pregnancy can be immense.

Reports Samantha Allen, check out her full in-depth look at Vasagel over on


So, it’s magical? No pain or anything?

Not exactly… the guys will have to take a shot “down there” in order for the drug to work. The gel is injected into the vas deferens (the tube sperm swim through) and holds them still. But, women have been taking plenty of things for decades to counter pregnancy so they can take a small pinch, right? The procedure is reversible, although still in its early stages of study researchers are not sure how long the drug will last in men just yet, but the sperm can easily be set free with just another quick injection.


Ladies, would you ask your man to give it a go? Guys, What do you say?

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