We Want Prenup!: Would You Sign A Prenuptial Agreement?

August 28, 2014  |  

Men, if the woman you were about to marry made more money than you, would you be okay with signing a prenuptial agreement?

This question was asked on a social media website recently and I actually had to pause myself and give it some thought. Our society, although progressive and evolving, is rooted in tradition. No other place is it more evident that in the tradition of marriage. Of course, we have the unconventional and non-traditional unions like civil unions and gay marriages. However, more than a few heterosexual marriages still have a long-standing history of traditional rules and guidelines. One of those traditions has been the ideology of the man is and should be the financial benefactor. Prenuptial agreements allowed for a sense of security and protection of his investments should the marriage failed.

Kanye West said it best in his hit “Gold Digger,” “We want prenup, we want prenup! Yeah! It’s something that you need to have cause when she leaves yo a**, she gonna leave with half!”

Well, what happens if the roles were reversed? Are men willing and accepting of signing a prenuptial if the woman he was about to marry made more money than he does? The social media poll showed many men saying YES to signing a prenuptial agreement if asked. The conditions of the yes response varied, some said they were okay with signing as long as the terms were fair. While others said yes based on the premise of what’s hers is hers and what’s mine is mine.

Other men stated they felt secure enough within their manhood and finances that it wouldn’t matter if she asked him to sign or not. One direct comment from a man on the site put emphasis on the duality of need to protect your assets regardless of gender. He said, “Times are very different nowadays. As a woman you should protect what you have built. I would sign. If I had more than her I would ask her to do the same. Fair is fair.”

In recent years more women than ever are instigating prenuptial agreements to protect their assets due to their growing financial independence. Society is moving into a direction where women are becoming more realistic about relationships and money. Will this new found awareness affect the dynamic of the relationship? Can the male ego handle such a change?

One female commenter on the social media site said she “hoped that the man she planned on marrying would be secure enough within himself to understand the need for a prenup. His ambition and potential earnings should not be limited because of her financial status.”
Would you sign your name on the dotted line?

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