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In the hands-on world that we now live in, social media pretty much dominates our way of communication, marketing and activities. You can no longer eat a meal, purchase a new pair of shoes or do a 5K run without uploading evidence of your latest adventure. Being a mompreneur, social media is the greatest asset to my business. A free marketing tool allowing us to show our products and talents to countless amounts of potential customers is for sure one of the best things since sliced bread! With social media outlets growing more each day in many different ways, the time is now to grab the attention of your target market and show ‘em whatcha got!

Here are 7 ways to boost your social media presence and following!

Have Something To Offer

As an entrepreneur, the first question asked is “What do you have to offer?” What exactly will you be presenting to your followers? For example, if you’re an author with an upcoming book release, majority of your posts and pictures should be the journey leading up to the release date. Keep your audience captivated and excited about your product. That excitement will eventually turn into sales! If you’re an artist that doesn’t have a direct item to sell, such as a comedian, keep your followers on their toes by always looking forward to your jokes/skits. There’s nothing more important than customer loyalty! Once that is gained, people will always be more than happy to support you. 

Be Creative

Being creative speaks volumes on social media! With this one picture or 140 characters, how well can you challenge yourself to be different from the next person on social media that may be doing the exact same thing as you? Great question, right? Offer the feeling or experience to your followers that you wish existed! Creativity separates you from the crowd, which causes more attention to come your way. People will begin to spread the word about how great you are, eventually leading to more followers and support.

Show Support

Showing support to other entrepreneurs shows strength! It is also a great way to cross market and can be beneficial for all parties involved, gaining followers and becoming known in a different field/market is always a plus. For example, I’m a fashion blogger that has teamed up with a fitness instructor to show support to each other. With that exchange we both now have new followers that we may have never reached on our own.  No “shoutout for a shoutout,” but pure genuine support for a fellow entrepreneur.

Let Your Personality Speak

People are attracted to a personality more than anything. It allows you to be relatable and realistic to your following. Use your social media wisely to let them feel a genuine sense of what you’re offering, selling or teaching. Nothing spreads more than love. Once they begin to love you and the person behind the business, they’ll want to tell everyone about you!

Stay Positive

Become known for exuding positivity in every situation. People will become drawn to your positive light, always looking to you for inspiration and motivation. Delete all negativity and move on. Do not dwell on the comment from the person behind the computer/phone that has nothing better to do with their time. Positive attracts positive in every level of attraction.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is always key! In business, life or love…consistency makes everything work. Use it to help improve and maintain your social media presence. Show that you are adamant in your journey.

Follower Interaction

Interacting with your following can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. But reaching out to “touch hands” (so to speak) from time to time can be awesome for you and your followers! Just that small token of being grateful shows your following that you appreciate their presence. Build relationships, say “thank you” and show appreciation!

Mia Ray is fashion blogger, fab mom of two and mompreneur. Ray started her fashion blog Confessions Of A Glam-Aholic in November of 2009 and is now in her fifth year. But it isn’t just her fashion savvy we’re obsessed with, it’s her do-it-all, can-do attitude that is contagious. From getting in a good workout it, starting a hair line, designing fashion totes or running after her adorable one-year-old Santana – Ray has a garnered a few gems along the way and below she’s sharing a bit of the wisdom.

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