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As wonderful as pregnancy is, no one tells you that once you hit nine months you feel like you’ve been pregnant for eight years.

From my sarcasm, you can guess that I’ve hit the 36 week mark. And I’ll be the first to say that I’m one of the lucky ones: my pregnancy has been a walk in the park. I’ve had no morning sickness, I’ve gained 21 lbs so far and managed to have no stretch marks. Well, none on my belly anyways. But now that I’ve reached the nine month mark, Babyologie is taking a toll on my body, making it hard to do anything from walk fast to sleep comfortably. So while I am anything but a medical professional, I have diagnosed myself – feel free to diagnose yourself as well – with Do Nothing But Be Pregnant Syndrome.

My husband will be the first one to tell you that throughout my pregnancy I had my usual energy, usually walking too fast and doing a bare minimum of three things at once. I mean I’ve just never been the type of girl to sit still. (Babyologie seems to be the same.) While I am a blogger, I still have a 9 to 5 and freelance for three different sites. I like to be busy and productive. Whether it’s decorating my house, filming beauty YouTube videos or cooking for my family, being active makes me happy.

That recently came to a halt. I was at the point of tears yesterday as I just sat at my computer at work completely EXHAUSTED. I wanted to do anything but get in my bed, eat unnecessary amounts of Rocky Road ice cream while watching trashy reality TV. I didn’t want to think, walk or do anything active. I had reached my breaking point and called my husband to vent. Because I’m usually so active, I felt incredibly guilty for wanting to do nothing. Fortunately, Hubs reassured me that I totally have the right to feel this way. When you’re pregnant, your baby demands A LOT out of you physically even if you’re having an “easy” pregnancy, but especially in the last four weeks.

While I had a few things I wanted to knock off my Things To-Do list yesterday, I took it easy and decided to bask in “Do Nothing But Be Pregnant” Syndrome. While I stayed at work and didn’t get to curl up in bed with ice cream like I had imagined, I did revel in a cookies and cream milkshake right after work. It did just the trick.

Here’s a few tips for “Do Nothing But Be Pregnant” syndrome:

Eat what you want. Listen, this is probably one of the only times gaining weight is recommended by your doctor. And while I’m all about the snapback once baby arrives, life is short. Eat the ice cream.

Just chill. Yeah, yeah. We get it. You’re busy. And you want to get as much done as possible before baby gets here. But get off of your feet and relax. Whatever you have on your to-do list, nothing is more important than you and baby’s health. That is PRIORITY.

Nap it out. I hear that you should get all the sleep you can before your newborn arrives. So sleep in – if you have the luxury of doing so – and take naps. Your body will thank you.

Let people spoil you. I’ve never met so many people – including complete strangers – who will yell at you if you don’t let them do it for you. “I’ll get the door,” “Let me hold your bag,” “Don’t worry about it, I got it” have been regular phrases I’ve heard on a regular basis throughout my pregnancy. And if you’re anything like me your automatic response is “Oh, no, I got it,” but let them do it. It’s their pleasure. Pregnant women are like the unicorns of the world. It’s everyone’s pleasure to help.

Talk to baby. Let your blossoming child know how you’re feeling. That honesty – even this early on – creates a connection that will be hard to break. If you’re excited to meet them, let them know. If you’re tired or want to get some sleep, let them know. I’ve been floored by Babyologie when I ask her to let me sleep and she actually does. She’s remarkable, I tell ya. Communication is key. Even with your child in the womb.

“Do Nothing But Be Pregnant” Syndrome isn’t an excuse to be lazy. It’s really all about giving your body what it needs after making it this far into the pregnancy: REST. After all, momma, you deserve it.

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