Get Involved: 7 Reasons To Join The Parent Teacher Association

September 7, 2015  |  

School has started and with it a barrage of papers, calendars, and supply lists has undoubtedly found their way into your child’s book bag and subsequently your kitchen table or desk. While sorting through the paperwork keep your eyes peeled for information regarding joining the Parent Teacher Association / Parent Teacher Organization at your child’s school.

The PTA/PTO is an invaluable resource in bringing together the concerns of parents and administrators. While joining the PTA/PTO may put something additional on your plate, the outcome is priceless when it comes to showing your community that you care about its schools and support its teachers.

Not quite convinced as to why you need to add an additional meeting or obligation to your calendar? Here are 7 reasons to join the PTA/PTO at your child’s school.

  1. Help Provide Additional Funding for the School: It is understood that public schools are publicly funded and based on location and parental involvement dollars tend to go further in some schools than in others. Joining the PTA/PTO allows you to aid in creating fundraisers and other activities that help raise money to support the school and teachers in providing tools and resources not available through public funds. Some PTA/PTO programs have been successful in purchasing computers, agendas and school supplies taking the financial burden off teachers and school administrators.
  2. Personally Make Your Concerns and Opinions Known: We all know that person that loves to complain but won’t get out and vote. Same goes for school procedures. If you are on the PTA/PTO you have first knowledge of new procedures etc. and can voice your opinion to a forum where it can make a difference.
  3. Meet New People and Make Community Connections: It’s easy to feel lost in your community if you don’t get out and meet other parents and community leaders. The PTA/PTO is a great place to get out of your shell. By being present you are setting the standard that you have the concern of your child’s education and school environment in common with others present. You may make a new friend!
  4. Help Structure New School Plans and Procedures: Something as small as changing how the car rider pick up line is structured in some instances comes through the PTA/PTO. If you are there you can put in valuable input that teachers and administrators may not see from the eyes of parents.
  5. Teachers and Administrators Know Who You Are: Parental involvement is necessary, being engaged and active in the PTA/PTO conveys this.
  6. Show Your Child You are Active and Concerned with their Educational Journey: Children whose parents show a great interest in their education tend to do well in school. Setting the standard very early on that your face will always be in the place may just keep them in line.
  7. Have Fun: Volunteering for school sponsored fundraisers is fun! Encourage other parents to join you as well. The more the merrier.

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