Computer Love: Find Out What Men Think You’re Lying About on Your Dating Profile

April 8, 2015  |  

Men lie the most. Women tell the biggest lies. Chris Rock said it, science confirmed it; at least as it pertains to online dating. The research shows that roughly 80 percent of  all dating profiles contain at least one untruth. We know all of the ways that men are being misleading, but what do guys think you’re guilty of lying about?

1. Your Age

For years women have been notorious for knocking a few years off of their age, and although more and more of us are getting comfortable with that number, guys are still a little leery. One of those reasons may be because he’s lying about his age too. The study found that men are 2x as likely to be dishonest about those digits as women. So while he’s trying to get a glimpse of your license when you’re heading into the club, make sure to sneak a peak at his too!

2. Your Looks

No one’s going to persecute you for adding or subtracting an inch or two from your height. Heels and wedges make that number pretty much obsolete anyway. But one thing that guys get peeved about? Women who don’t look anything like their profile pictures. That means no photos from your glory days… five years ago. And those selfies from the neck up? Those only tell him that you’re insecure about everything from the neck down. Whether you’re “athletic and toned,” “curvy,” “a few extra pounds” or “full figured,” (and yes, you know there’s a difference) own it. No man wants to show up expecting Beyonce and getting…. What’s the opposite of Beyonce? More than anything, most guys are looking for someone with confidence.

3. What You’re Looking For in a Relationship

Not everyone on those dating sites is looking for the same thing. Some may want something casual without a commitment; some are looking for the commitment, but only short-term; and then there are the ones who are ready to find that forever kind of love and eventually head down the aisle. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. What is wrong is lying about your intentions. And apparently, guys have come across quite a few women who’ve said that they want something casual when they’re really hoping for a long-term relationship, or vice versa. If you’re not sure of what you want, say it. But if you are, be clear about it upfront.

4. How Easy- Going You Are

If you’re a nice person, do you to introduce yourself that way, or have to walk around telling everybody you come in contact with? No. If you’re nice, people will see that in the way you interact with them; even if you’re just communicating online. The same applies for all of you easy-going, laid-back types — the real ones. In most cases, that comes through in your answers to those endless profile questions. But if you actually have to say the words, “I’m really laid-back,” that makes him think that he’s dealing with someone who’s either hiding the fact that she’s needy and super sensitive, or worse — doesn’t even realize that she is.

5. Your Interest In Sports

Men like sports (most of them anyway). So men must like women who like sports, right? Maybe so, but saying that you’re a fan just to catch a man, or exaggerating your love of the game is untruthful and unnecessary. You don’t have to have all of the same interests. That kind of relationship is boring anyway. Sometimes he just wants somebody that he can catch a game or two with, or sit with him while he yells at the television. You don’t have to be a “fan” for that; just a willing participant.


Tell the truth ladies! Have you ever lied about something on your dating profile?

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