Computer Love: 5 Things Men Lie About on Dating Profiles & Why

July 24, 2014  |  

A recent study conducted by Cornell University revealed — make that, confirmed what many of us already knew; that roughly 80% of people dating online aren’t exactly truthful when it comes to creating their profiles. The worst offenders? Men. From their wages to how worldly they are, just about anything can be a fabrication, but here are the most common things that guys lie about on their online dating profiles.

1. Their Relationship Status

If there’s anything you’d expect to be true on someone’s profile, it’s their relationship status. Well, that and their sex. After all, it’s a site for singles. (How bad is it that that has to be clarified these days?) Sadly, some men — and women — looking to date online are already dating — or worse, married. Either it’s a guy with a girlfriend that he hasn’t quite let go of yet, or the the man claiming to be divorced when he’s actually separated. His m.o.? Keeping the women who aren’t down with dating a technically married man in play. And then there’s our personal favorite: the guy who’s married — like living in the suburbs with two kids and a dog married. He’s the one who’s marital status you discover when he calls you with his wife screaming in the background saying that you two can’t talk anymore (true story).

2. Their Age

For decades women have gotten the bad rap when it comes to lying about their age, but we’re not the only ones who aren’t always into that whole age ain’t nothin’ but a number thing. You may run into the occasional 42-year-old claiming to be in his upper 30s to stay within the “desirable” age range of women in their 20s and 30s. There are also younger men who add a few years to attract older women. For them, it’s all about the search results.

3. Their Looks

With photos attached to dating profiles, you’d think that it would be hard for someone to lie about their appearance, yet, it happens. It happens a lot. Some may pad their height by an inch or two (which is the most common offense for guys). Some get a little liberal with their body type and gym habits. But the worst lie in the looks department comes from the guys who dare to post a pic of themselves that’s 5+ years old and looks absolutely nothing like they do now. And while we’re on the subject of pics…. What’s with the photos from their junior high graduation?!

4. Their Kids

Whether it’s the number they have, their desire to have more, or how often they live with them, lying about kids is pretty commonplace on the online dating scene. There’s the deadbeat who denies that his kids even exist; the one who claims some of his kids, but leaves one or two off when telling how many he has (because two sounds a little better than five); the guy who posts the one pic he has of himself with his children, posing to be the doting dad…. And any of these guys may say that they’re open to having more children, when they know that’s not what they really want, just to impress the women who have kids, or the ones who are hoping to have them in the future.

5. Their Salary

Okay ladies, let’s be real! How many of you actually care about how much a guy is bringing in each year? Yeah, we thought so. And he thinks so too. That’s why he’s likely to lie about his salary, adding anywhere from $10-70K to the real number. On the flip side of that coin, there are also men who make a large amount of money, but downplay it, either posting a lower salary range, or an “I’ll tell you later,” to weed out the women who could be gold diggers.


Ladies, have you ever caught a man in a lie that he posted on his profile? Tell us about it!

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