Taleema Talks: When Sexting Goes Wrong

July 16, 2014  |  

There has been so much talk on social media lately about a college age female student who “accidentally” sent a nude picture to her dad–and then decided to share this personal matter with the world. When I read about this story and read her tweets a few thoughts came to mind.
• How did you send a naked picture to your dad? (Embarrassing)
• She IS college age, is sending a naked picture such a big deal? (Freedom of choice)
• Is this story legit? (Things that make you go Hmmmmm)
How in the world did she send it to her dad??? I know I have been guilty of sending text messages to the wrong person. Rarely, but it has happened (we all probably have at some point). However nothing to this magnitude, it’s sexting! When sending something so personal and private, wouldn’t you make a concentrated effort to be aware of the name you type in, BEFORE hitting send?

Once this young lady realized she sent her bare body parts to her dad, why avoid the text and phone calls she had to know would follow? You’re grown, period. You can’t just be grown when it suits you (I have daughters and if I ever got a text like that, whew…but I digress).

She is a college student and in the eyes of the law “grown.” She has the right to take and send nude pictures of herself if she so desires, but she must also understand decisions comes with consequences. This may actually have been a good thing for her, she may have dodged a bullet by it going to her dad instead of whoever it was intended for. People, we must remember that when we send naked pictures, we no longer have control over who sees them or how they will be used–in other words, proceed with caution!

We all have been guilty at some point, especially in our youth, of making poor choices or using bad judgment, but what she did next concerns me for one reason. Why take it to social media and give a play by play account for the world to read? That brings me to my next thought, is this story even legit? We now live in a time where people are selling their soul and doing any and everything for attention, whether the attention is associated with positive or negative (more negative nowadays). I’ve heard it referred to as “attention whoring.” If the goal was to gain attention, it has worked in her favor. We are all talking, blogging, giving opinions and passing judgment on her situation. She has made it to the top three if you google her first name. She has gained followers, her tweets have been re-tweeted thousands of times (she has thousands of new followers on both Twitter and Instagram). So was her goal accomplished or is she cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame? What have we as a society created?

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