Dear Adults: Thanks For All The Teachable Moments

July 9, 2014  |  


What a contentious BEAST life can be and the more we toil through it, the more experience we collect. These moments eventually swell, showing in our bodies our minds and other outward forms like scars (literally and metaphorically). For me, these instances produce perfectly teachable moments.

The other day, my daughter and I decided to call my mother. She said she would call us back because she was at KFC. Teachable moment! My daughter and I looked at each other disapprovingly and had quite a conversation about eating the form of chicken the Colonel serves. Now, we already know my mother eats abnormally healthy so we wondered why she was at that particular food spot. We never got the “why” she was at the chicken joint, but I did manage to reinforce good health with my kid.

A teachable moment!

Similarly, the other day, I hosted an outing with some of my friends and their kids. The outing was supposed to be throughout New York City, but one of the adults wasn’t able to endure the physical process of walking all over the city! This has happened in the past with other out-of-towners that have come for a visit, but this time we were a bit disappointed.

A teachable moment!

I talked to my daughter about that! We already know these kids don’t go out and play as much as we did when we were kids. Consequently, some of their baby fat lingers into the pre-teen years and stays as they become adults. At the night’s end, I ran down a few things. I know she didn’t love that I had her “out and about” eating salad and water before I graciously allowed her to have a couple mini cheeseburgers. She understood later. I feel like I brought it home.

“You’re an adult much longer than you are a kid and what you do now will dictate everything that you become later down the line,” I preached briefly. “It is much easier to stay fit now than to work it off when you are my age.” I told her and I meant it, that I WISH my parents were more informed about good healthy living as I grew up like not being allowed to eat all my Halloween candy as a youth. Those root canals were no joke later down the line! This is not to say that they were ignorant, because they weren’t. The times have just evolved and will continue to do so.

I know it is never too late to switch gears and move in a different direction, but it gets harder and harder the older we get. And, then there are some adults that are “finished,” meaning there is little hope for them. The truth of the matter is, I’ve struggled with weight since my late 20’s and getting fit has been a supreme challenge that I have shared with my daughter. I look back at old pictures and I didn’t even realize I was so big. Generally, kids have endless possibilities even if they are in the midst of unfavorable conditions like poverty or freakin’ iPad addictions. These “1st World Problems” are more serious than people want to admit. Kids need somebody to stay in their ear, guiding them, then making it relatable by pointing out real world examples. Mere talk just doesn’t get it anymore.

I continually even share my own foibles with my daughter.

I’m a natural-born artist. Recently, I decided to start painting again, but I’ve been staring at the same half-finished piece for the last few months. You would think that I would be encouraged to complete the work with it staring back at me, but I have not. Again I used myself as a teachable moment, since my daughter has expressed a desire to create mini-movies. The issue is, she’s never fully vested in the energy it takes to Don’t be like me, kid. Start the art. Finish the art. Focus!

There are so many teachable moments

So, thanks old heads. I used to do a lot of talking, but there are so many close-to-home, real-life situations, I don’t have to yap my gums as much. I just look around, ask a few questions and most of what I’ve discussed is validated. I’m really I’m that our adult shortcomings, mishaps and failures will produce a newer, smarter and stronger generation.

I’m banking on it.

Literally. I hope my daughter can make more money than me one day so I can kick my feet up in about 5-10 years.

I’m kidding. No, I’m not.


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