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Of the many adjectives I can use to describe black folks monolithically, pious is somewhere in the top five. To understand us is to understand that we love our Jesus, our Holy Bible and our shadetree pastors.

As a staunch agnostic, I accepted long ago that I might wind up with a woman with SOME religious beliefs, which is okay with me. But thumping the bible or any other religious text as a hard and fast way to live your life is a good way to get a potential partner who’s a true intellectual to run in the other direction.

You only need a cursory grip on reality and a basic understanding of humanity’s propensity to worship to realize that basing your life around any one interpretation of a god or singular creator is an egregious example of intellectual suicide. I’m an educated man…what do I look like marrying a woman who insists Christ and scripture are the only valid life paths? An idiot, that’s what.

Questioning, theorizing and philosophizing about the origins and purpose of life are fundamentally human exercises. That said, I would want the mother of my future children to help me bestow upon them that humans can’t, by nature, claim to know indefensibly exactly what and who “God” is.

I’ll bet that the average black man, while spiritual and faithful to a degree, is not down with his woman banging a bible until her knuckles tear. I think it’s an issue of negotiating reality with the dogmatic aspect of Christianity: Even most Christians believe the bible is full of outmoded silliness not to be taken seriously by anyone with a high school education, so most brothers aren’t trying to take the densely evangelical route, especially that mess about not giving up the goods until marriage.

So while you search for your 30-year-old black man who is a non-drinking, non-smoking virgin who detests lust and homosexuality (he’s out there I’m sure), I’ll be with my woman who has a lick of sense.

Readers had a lot to say about dating an atheist in a previous article, how many of you would have a problem dating someone on the opposite end of the spectrum? Could/would you date someone with very strong religious beliefs?

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