Baby K’Tan Got It All Wrong: Who Really Wears the Carrier?

June 24, 2014  |  


The picture below has gone viral. Baby K’Tan is a company that makes organic baby carriers. It is a strap-on wrap that fully supports a baby’s head; which differentiates itself from the leader in frontal papoose makers Baby Bjorn. Sweet! One can get more use out of this because younger children (who cannot support their heads) can use it. It can also support the neck of a sleeping child (I found this to be crucial because I had to use one just to get my daughter to sleep as an infant).

Up until yesterday, I never heard of Baby K’Tan. There seems to be a big backlash about how this company advertised their product. What’s all of the fuss about?


I see a few things wrong with the packaging. For starters, to be an organic company their product is still stored in a box. Boxes get thrown out and incinerated… that is partly why we have pollution and a hole in the ozone layer. Why didn’t Baby K’Tan sell these in some kind of plastic container? Plastic is recyclable and it would really drive home the eco-friendly product they’re selling. Maybe the boxes are made out of recycled paper? Even if this is true, many people don’t re-recycle these papers (myself included) and just discard it in the trash which perpetuates previously mentioned pollution issue.

Baby K’Tan took the time to pay models, a photographer, editors, etc. to put smiling faces on the cover of their not so organic boxes. The people are smiling as these straps securely protect their sleeping children. They went right with this.

However, my beef with this is – Why is there no box advertisement of the father using it? Almost four years ago when my wife was going trigger happy at Baby’s “R” Us for our baby shower registry I saw these carrying contraptions with pictures of men holding their babies in them. I convinced my wife to put the ones on said registry with the men on the cover. I had a feeling I would be using it more than she would. Maybe that’s because almost any time I’ve seen one in person or on TV it’s a dad wearing one. Television and movies play this notion up with a man walking in slow motion to juxtapose such a device as being the antithesis of manliness. It’s funny. However, the marketing behind this made me want to get one.

Baby K’Tan dropped the ball because they neglected to keep fifty percent of their buying audience in mind with their product’s presentation.

What has me really outraged about Baby K’Tan’s product is the price tag. The one on the left costs thirty dollars. So, an extra strap and the color come along with paying an extra five dollars and nine percent in tax? That’s wack. Five dollars for some extra stitching and some dye that may have cost cents to make?

For a company that makes a product for parents, I don’t think that Baby K’Tan kept in mind that most parents have to be thrifty because children are expensive! That five dollars could have went towards diapers. The product on the left and the right hold babies of the same weight. I would pay extra if the double-strapped one was able to hold toddlers who weigh more. Some people have large babies.

With all of this said, I don’t really see why so many people are up in arms about Baby K’Tan’s straps. They made a product made from organically grown cotton which allows them to save money on the packaging and the extra cotton made for the double-strap that can’t support more weight. Otherwise it seems like it’s cool. If I have a second child I would consider buying one in spite of the rip-off differentiation in price.

Wait…They made one with a white family and the black mother by herself insinuating and sustaining the stereotype that black fathers leave mothers to raise children on their own?

Oh… I get it.

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