Cussing Kids And Kid-Hop: Will Lil Terio And Others Be Sacrificial Lambs?

June 18, 2014  |  

This was bound to happen.

Back in the day, when Hip-Hop was a much younger cultural force, we saw a plethora of kiddie acts come forward with mixed results. Some hit meteoric heights like Kriss Kross and others had smaller hits like ABC (Another Bad Creation), which were down with New Edition’s Mike Bivins. Even the rappers that had a more Hip-Hop aesthetic like Bow Wow and Lil’ Romeo were cute, fuzzy-feeling rappers with a super clean message. These guys had songs about missing school buses, innocent crushes and playing basketball. And when the hardcore kid rappers did pop up like Illegal, there was little cause for concern.

A new phenomenon has happened more recently.

Kids have always been exploited in music and entertainment, but it would seem that a lot of the kids today are being straight-up sacrificed. Take Lil Terio for example. Once upon a time, a mere year ago, he was a cute kid that got a lot of attention, because he had a silly little dance. Now, he’s being pushed into releasing a rap album and yet…he doesn’t rap. At least his first video doesn’t show that. (Not safe for kids)

But, more importantly this kid is morbidly overweight and, at about seven-years-old, he’s being exploited to the fullest. They dress him in clothing too small for him to accentuate his girth and then tragically publicize when he works out. This boy has already been demolished by “Black Twitter” for his size being called everything from “Neck Bones & Harmony,” “Just Glaze” to “Meek Meal.” Brutal. Somebody needs to curse his parents out.

Speaking of cursing, a lot of parents find it comical when kids curse. They love it so much, they upload it to VINE and other video-based social media, where the aforementioned Terio found fame, and let the world see. These kids are not your Lil’ Bow Wow or Lil Romeo. They can be found coursing with all sorts of issues that manifest with curse words. I’m no Calvin Butts, but we have to hold our culture more accountable for what is doing to our kids. Furthermore, we have to take the parents to task, because ultimately chronicling these children on social media will be a detriment for them in the future. As if the odds were not already stacked against them.

Exploitation takes on many forms and Terio’s seems innocent compared to this lil dude from Chicago. Nobody really knows his name, but he appears on the remix to “Chiraq” and its an injustice. (Not safe for kids)

At one point, there was this evil slave master that was pulling the strings that churned out burnt out child entertainers. Others, like say rarities like Michael Jackson, turned out to be highly successful oddities with Joe Jackson at the helm early on. At times, we can see “kid” acts come into great success or stability if they are guided properly. Master P has been masterful at this and his kids love for him are proof. Even Will and Jada, as unconventional as parents they may be, appear to be doing well raising Willow and Jaden. There are no stats on good or bad parents, so maybe they are all exceptions to the general rule – rich, working class or poor.

The truth of the matter is Andy Warhol was right and wrong when he infamously said: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” He didn’t realize that on the other side of such momentary acclaim is a slew of carcasses as careers, lives in disarray and faceless parents so misguided they have sold their kids out for a few “likes” on the internet.

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