What About Our Fathers: Celebrating Everyday Dads

June 15, 2014  |  

Too often we hear about men not stepping up to the plate when it comes to fathering. We hear of them skipping out on their children, neglecting to pay child support, not adequately supporting mom and the list goes on and on and on.

But what about our fathers? Who is celebrating everyday dads?

We hear about this group far less more. The men who have committed to working hard so they can support their families, spending more time with their children than any court order calls for and taking their sons to football practice and daughters to dance class.

What about those dads?

And even still, there are those who have stepped up to the plate when mom has neglected the family or passed away. And, in a total societal role reversal, these men take on the weight of an entire household. They work all day and come home to cook, clean and kiss the kids goodnight after bath time—and they do it alone.

What about those fathers?

You see, too often we get caught up in what is the case for some of us. Sure, there is an influx in the nation’s number of single mothers and maybe there is some validity to the argument that more men need to step up to the plate as active parents. Just because a woman is a single mother, doesn’t mean a man is a bad or absentee father.

But who is celebrating those who do?

It’s on days such as today—Father’s Day—that some dads who otherwise don’t get the praise they deserve from society are given a pat on the back for being there for their children.

But why doesn’t this occur more often?

Many times dads are overlooked, or simply considered doing what a “real man” is supposed to do, when they are there for their children. We don’t give them the praise they deserve. We get so caught up in the negativity that is tearing down a father who isn’t around for his kids’ milestones when we could, instead, use that same energy to build up and support a man who is.

Here’s the truth:

Parenting is hard work. Not just for mom. For dad, too. Sure, mommies are the go-to for just about everything, but dad is the ultimate disciplinarian. He adds order. He provides the foundation for various life and learning experiences. Dads add value to our lives in ways that mom simply can’t. One parent doesn’t deserve more praise than the next. We’re all in this together.

So today, Father’s Day 2014, instead of focusing on what you may not have, praise the man you do have. Whether it’s a husband, a grandfather, an uncle, cousin or big brother, pat that man o the back and let him know how much of a change, influence and effect he’s had on your life or the lives of you children. Let him know you care and he matters, because with that positive reinforcement comes confidence, and with added confidence he’ll have the motivation to keep being there for his kids and may even take the initiative to help inspire other young children who aren’t even his own.

So, not just today, but everyday, let’s celebrate dads. For their hard work, support, presence and love—on this Father’s Day, dads, we celebrate you!

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