5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

June 14, 2014  |  

It’s that time of year: High temps and sunny skies means friends and family are throwing beach parties, backyard cookouts or summer holiday events. And with those come lots of outdoor activities in blazing hot temperatures, which means the less clothing, the better! Instead of dreading wearing shorts that might reveal too much of those thighs and tank tops that just don’t flatter you pudgy abs, prepare for the summer months by dropping a few pounds and toning up those flabby areas! Here are 5 ways to jumpstart you weight loss journey. Follow these simple tips for quick results and stick to them for lasting changes!! Thank us later!

1. Drink Lots of Water – Amp up the amount of h2O you consume per day. In fact a good way to calculate exactly how much you should consume per day is: take your body weight and divide it in half. That’s how many ounces of water you should chug per day! (ex: 140 pounds drinks 70 ounces).

2. Put Down the White Stuff – Stay away from white bread, rice, pasta and sugar. These simple carbs go right to the stomach area and add bloating so ixnay-ing them from your diet is nearly instantly slimming. Substitute them for a green veggie. For example, instead of eating your grilled salmon over a bed of rice, try eating it over a handful of asparagus.

3. Drink Green Tea With Lemon – Green tea hold s wealth of nutritional benefits. As a result, drinking a few glasses of it per days boosts your immune system decreases you risk for a number of diseases, and increases fat burning—add a little lemon for an added bonus as it alkalizes the body.

4. Snack on Fruits and Veggies – Replacing greasy, unhealthy snacks with fruits and veggies makes a world of difference when losing weight. Not only are you multi-tasking by promoting better health and a strong immune system, you can actually indulge in as many fruits and veggies as you’d like! Instead of 10 potato chips, you can have 20 strawberries!

5. Workout at Least 30 Minutes Per Day – You thought you’d get through this list without one mention of moving your body, didn’t you? There’s no good list of ways to drop the pounds without any mention of working out. The good thing is, you can choose the work out and even switch it up daily for variety. So long as your heart rate is up and you’re challenging yourself for at least 30 mins, you’re good to go!

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