Lessons From My Tiny Teacher: My Baby Won’t Be A Baby Forever

May 10, 2014  |  

One thing most moms can agree on: your little one drives you up a wall! Another absolute we might all acknowledge is these little annoying, imaginative, curious creatures really can teach (or at the very least remind) us of a few fundamental truths. You know, like the familiar, but oft-forgotten “treat others the way you want to be treated” or the foundational “sharing is caring.”

We all have those hilarious, infuriating, enlightening (or all of the above) moments with our kiddos that remind us of these lessons we were taught way back in the stone age when we were little tikes. Here, I share with you teachable moments brought to you by Matthew, my feisty, gutsy, spunky tot who’s taught me a thing or two since he came kicking and screaming into my life! Enjoy, but more importantly, take note.

This week my two year old reminded me that my baby won’t be a baby forever.

Matthew and I made a trip to our favorite store this week (you know, the money-sucking one with the red bullseye logo). And as I marked off the items on my shopping list—conditioner…check; paper towel…check; the dollar something clear gel in the Black hair aisle…check—I was preparing to head to what is invariably always the final stop on our trip—the baby section. Matthew was nearly fresh out of wipes and diapers so it was time for me to re-up on both.

Making my way past running children and overwhelmed parents, I finally made it to the diaper aisle. And as my normal routine went, I reached for a box of size 6 diapers. But just then something hit me. Matthew is two years old now, and thus I should begin fully encouraging and supporting his potty training (something I had only toyed with up to this point). I nervously inched past the diapers and stood in front of the training pants. And as I stood, staring, anxiety overtook me and questions began flooding my mind: “Which brand should I purchase?” “What size do I get?” “Should I just buy what he’s used to and put off potty training a little while longer? He JUST turned two.” “Is Matthew REALLY ready for the big transition?” (sighs)

As I took a moment to exhale and re-center myself, what I soon realized was this: It wasn’t Matthew who wasn’t ready, it was Mommy who wasn’t ready. And so I did it. I took the leap and bought my boy his first-ever pack of training pants. When we got home, I opened the package and allowed him to put on his undies like a big boy. He was excited, giddy even, when he saw his favorite character front and center on his brand new drawers.

As I fell asleep that night, the truth began settling in; My baby is growing up. As much as I lament over the inconvenience of changing him in public, or spending nearly 30 bucks on a box of diapers, I count it all joy as I’m the mommy and it’s what my baby needs. But as he begins to need me less and less and becomes a truly independent soul, I’m jolted back to the reality that my baby boy is growing up!

Watching him hit milestones such as, sleeping through the night, wanting to walk instead of being carried and wanting to feed himself instead of being fed are JOYS, but at the same time they’re all reminders that slowly, but surely my baby is evolving into a little boy, and shortly thereafter a big boy, and then finally a grown man! I’m just hoping that through it all, he’ll forever know that mommy is here to hold is hand along the way!

Mommies, please share your wonderful experiences with me! I’d love to know that I’m not alone!

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