Entrepreneur Talima Davis: Behind The Scenes With Limegreen, Part 2

May 13, 2014  |  

When Talima Davis set out to create a line of simple products with diverse uses, she started with what she know best: memories of an unfiltered way of life and the homemade remedies of her grandmother. “There was something special about the land in North Carolina and what was produced there. Fresh ingredients, hand-picked as needed — this allowed us to barely go into town,” recalls Talima. “If there was a need for something or someone was ailing, we knew my grandmother, Catherine Moore had a home remedy for it. As a child I looked on as she sprinkled baking soda in our sneakers, cleaned just about everything with vinegar or tied string to the windows, which I later learned was to keep the pigeons at bay. Who knew?”

And so Limegreen was born. Mommynoire loves to share stories of women who have created their own paths in life, so we were especially excited to meet Talima who chatted with us recently about her passions and products.

With so many products in the marketplace, how do you make sure Limegreen stays in a lane of its own?

I think the best answer to that would be to stay true to what our goals are and to what we know and find are best for our customers. We try to make our products affordable to everyone, and for everyone. That for us means taking our everyday use products, and making them simple.

 How do you spread the message about your products? Where can people get them?

We have been doing a lot more markets recently, to tell people about the many uses of each product. Its kind of fun watching their face become confused when you say you can use it from head-to-toe. The thought of using a ‘bar’ as a shampoo, on your body and face, or a ‘oil’ on your hair, face, body, hands and also be a natural make-up remover raises a lot of brows.

What are your favorite products in the collection?

I would have to say the Zinnia and Lotus Spray. Allison would probably pick the Poppy Massage Candle or the Balm that we are about to launch in a week or two.

Did you face challenges when developing Limegreen? Did you create it out of your home?

Boy, did we face challenges! Financial ones, branding ones… it is difficult changing the way people think about things they have used for years. Everyone has their ‘go-to’ soap, and their ‘cant leave the house without it’ perfume or cologne. Getting people to try something new, and to find the words that resonate with them, that define your brand takes a lot of looking inward. Financially it was difficult, because we had made a very difficult decision that I would focus on getting Limegreen moving, and Allison would work to fund it and keep things somewhat stable in the house. Those were some interesting adjustments that we had to make.

What’s the key to being an entrepreneur? People always talk about how much work it is, but was there anything that surprised you about working for yourself?

I think it surprised me how much your ideas can change, or how things that you were so certain about, turn to be the things that create the most uncertainty now. As a people with your own business, you have to be up for anything, and willing to keep on moving no matter what. It isn’t easy. Sometimes you’ll find yourself yelling I QUIT I QUIT, I am going to apply to jobs starting tomorrow… but then you take a walk, a LONG walk, and start all over again.

What would you say makes Limgreen so unique?

I think we are unique because we want to make a product that does everything… like the swiss arm knife in the product world. All of our products are multi-purpose, not just one or two. We work very hard to give people a product that makes them happy, feel good and that is healthy … creating something that is simple, yet can offer so much.


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